Thursday, December 4, 2008

An Israeli Masonic Publication

Have begun cataloging the large Hebrew lot. This item got me thinking:

Levin, Z., editor. Haboneh Hahofshi. The Freemason. Vol. XXXII, May 1965, No.1. Tel Aviv, The Grand Lodge of the State of Israel on Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, 1965. (47750) $25.00

Jews are of course the master conspirators in the paranoid fantasies of Right and Left-Wing lunatics worldwide. However, Freemasons come up a close second. Here we have proof positive for these loopy intellects that there really is a Jewish-Masonic conspiracy. The rear, English Language, cover promotes an article entitled, "Egypt Armed Forces Weekly Says: Eliminate Freemasonry in All the Arab States." The publication as a whole objects to Arab anti-Freemasonry and compares Nasser's anti-Freemasonry to that of the Nazi regime and points out that many of Nasser's associates in anti-Freemasonry are "former Nazi murderers and assistants of Goebbels." In general the publication is an apologia for Freemasonry. A report on the Tel Aviv Grand Lodge's recent activities is included. Laid-in is a diagram of the layout of the Masonic Temple on Mount Zion.

It makes you wonder how Freemasonry plays into Israeli life today.

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