Friday, October 30, 2015

Pamphlets on Israeli Art

A few small but uncommon items on Israeli Art and Israeli Art Museums. All are uncommon but some are rare. All can be ordered through the website as of the day of posting.

Ha-Tanakh shel Abel Pan. Jerusalem, Hevrat E.Y. le-hotsaot omanutiyot, 1923. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 16 pp., portrait of Pann. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Appears to be a prospectus for Pann's Tanakh. The project was never completed though he did produce some of the work intended to be included in it. Pann and Ze'ev Raban were Boris Schatz's primary associates in the Bezalel enterprise. (78064)     Sold

Muze'on Tel-'Aviv 694/ Museum Tel-Aviv 1934. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Museum, 1934. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 24 pp., b/w plates, 2 pages of plans for the museum. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew, English, French and German. Uncommon - only three library holding internationally. The Museum opened in 1932 in Meir Dizengoff's house but the plans that appear in this pamphlet seem to be for a later building. (78318)     $50.00

Narkiss, M. Rekhishot nivharot 1946-1956: shenat ha-yovel le-Betsal'el: Fevruar-Mars 1957/Selected acquisitions 1946-1956: Jubilee year of Bezalel, February - March 1957. Jerusalem, The Israel National Musuem, 1957. Octavo, stapled paper covers, ii, 12, xii, 16, ii pp., b/w plates. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew and English. The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design grew out of the original Bezalel school though Shatz's original vision for the school failed.The Academy has largely relocated to Hebrew University's Har Ha-Tsofim campus with the exceptional of the Architecture school which remains in the beautiful original facility in central Jerusalem. (78303)     $30.00

Shavit, Ami. Ami Shavit: meha-obyekt leha-defes/ Ami Shavit, from the object to the print: Israel Museum, Jerusalem, July, -August, 1972. Jerusalem, Israel Museum, 1972. Squarish octavo, stapled paper covers, 16 pp., with five sheets of transparency showing different layers to combine into a single image. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in English and Hebrew. (78159)      $10.00

Ta'arukhat matsevot bet ha-kevarot ha-Yehudi be-Shidlovtsah (Polin): he'etekim grafiyim ma'ase yede Yotsk Antoni Zelinski ve-Lutsinah Krakovskah: Kislev-Shevat 724, Detsember 1963-Febru'ar 1964/ Exhibition of tombstones of the Jewish cemetery in Szydlowiec (Poland). Graphic Prints by Jacek Antoni Zielinski and Lucyna Krakowska. Kislev - Shevat 5724, December 1963 - February 1964. Tel Aviv, Museum Haaretz, Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Ginza Section for Jewish Folk Art, 1963. 16mo, stapled paper covers, 32 pp., b/w photos and drawings. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew with an introduction at the rear in Polish. Szydlowiec's Jewish population reached a noticeable level by 1700 and steadily increased into the 20th Century. The Jewish cemetery there was consecrated in 1788 on land granted to the Jewish community by the local count.  (77311)     $25.00

Friday, October 23, 2015

A Hebrew Pamphlet Miscellany

Another collection of Hebrew language pamphlets, some quite uncommon.  Imprints are from Germany, Mandate Palestine, China, and Prague. They tell rich stories from forgotten corners of modern Jewish history.  I am working through a fairly large group of pamphlets in Hebrew and journals in Yiddish which should keep me busy for some time. There are far more of them than I could ever present here, but keep an eye open for more selections.

Din ve-heshbon shel ha-gimnasyah ha-Ivrit be-Yafo li-shenat 669. Jaffa, Mo'etset poale Yafo, 1909. Octavo, paper covers with wear to the spine, 104 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (77343) A report on the status of the educational program of the school with details of budgeting, curriculum and the make-up of the student body.     $45.00

Dov Shefer: Temurt Hoveret zo Kadosh Le-Hakmat Matsevet ad Le-Zekher Dov Shefer. Neti'at 500 Etsim a"sh al Admat Ha-Keren Ha-Kayemet Le-Yisrael. Kaunas, Hotsa'at Histadrut "Shomriyah" Be-Lita, Yanvar, 1939. 16mo, paper covers, 80 pp., b/w photos. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. A memorial book for a Lithuanian oleh who died young. A common enough type of item, but in this particular case quite uncommon. Only one copy is recorded and it is unclear whether it is a microfilmed copy of an actual book. (77307)      $50.00
Gottfried, Markus [Gotfrid, Mordekhai]. Shir Ha-Sadeh o Em ve-Yeled/ Hasadeh ou EM wajeled: Ein Patriotisches Lied (Vaterlandsliebe, Hoffnung und Mut der Österreicher u. der Reichsdeutschen). Prague, Selbsverlag - Druck von Richard Brandeis, 1915. 16mo, soiled stapled paper covers, 16 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. A poem menat to express in Hebrew the patriotic fervor of the German and Austrian Jews. (77617)      $45.00

Gutman, Raphael. Eden: Sefer Rishon. Im Tsi'urim Rabim Targilim Li-Melekhet-Yad. Kassel, Tsentral Komitet fun di befrayte Yidn in der Amerikaner zone, 1947. Small octavo, paper covers, illustrated title-page, 71 pp., b/w drawings, special illustrated title page showing various scenes from the Holocaust. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Reprints the 1927 New York edition. A children's primer to teach Hebrew reading and Hebrew penmanship. "This edition of 'Eden' has been published for use in the Jewish DP Camps in the American Occupied Zone of Germany under the Supervision of Mr. Elieser Hershauge, Mr. Morris Fishman, American Joint Distribution Committee Field Representative and Abraham J. Klausner, Chaplain, U.S.A., Printing is in compliance with the governing regulations of the information control division of the U.S. Military Government. Publication has been made possible by a generous grant from the Euclid Avenue Temple, Cleveland, Ohio." (77383)      Sold

Hertsman, Elhanan Yosef. Gadlut ha-adam. Helek Alef. Ma'amar R. Ya'akov Emden z"l u-Vi'urim be-inyanen gadlut ha-Adam api"d ha-musar. Shanghai, 1945. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 34 pp., minor chipping at the top open corner, yellowed paper. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. A short work on ethics. An uncommon imprint from wartime Shanghai. (78116)      $75.00

Isur rabotenu ha-kedoshim al hishtatfut ba-behirah. [Jerusalem], 1961. Small octavo, stapled paper covers, 15 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Appears to be a piece of ultra-Orthodox anti-secularist opposition to the secular state of Israel as expressed through opposition to participation in elections. Uncommon. (77329)      $25.00

Judah Loew ben Bezalel. Sefer Zekher tsadik: derushim nifla'im atikim mi-kivshono shel olam ... yots'im mi-pi rabenu ha-gadol ... Yehuda Lovi ... ha-noda ba-shem kodsho Maharal mi-Prag: asher darash be-yom 2, 17 Iyar 357 ba-yom petirat ha-ga'on mo. h. Akiva Gintsburg mi-Frankfurt ... Warsaw, Bi-defus Y. Goldman, 1871. 16mo, disbound paper covers, 16 pp. Softbound. Fair. Text is in Hebrew. (78072)     SOLD

[Klausner, Abraham J.]. Alef-bet: defus-ketav-misparim. Kassel, Germany, Tsentral Komitet fun di befrayte Yidn in der Amerikaner zone, 1947. 16mo, paper covers, 6 "pages" of perforated sheets of card stock with Hebrew consonants and vowels. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. "Notes on Printing. This Volume is the fifth in a series of works prepared for use in the Jewish Displaced Persons' Camps in the American Occupied Zone of Germany by the Regional Committee of the Central Committee of Liberated Jews in Germany in Cooperation with the Office of Abraham J. Klausner, Chaplain, USA. This volume was originally prepared and printed by B. Barlevy, Publisher of Children's Books in Tel Aviv, Palestine. Publication is made possible by a publication fund grant made by Temple Israel, Minneapolis, Minnesota." (77382)      Sold

Rivkind, Isaac. Ha-Netsiv ve-yihuso le-Hibat Tsiyon: perek mi-toldot hayav u-fe'ulotav. Lodz, Tse'ire Mizrahi, 1918/9. Duodecimo, stapled paper covers with a small chip lacking a small chip, 23 pp., yellowed paper. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (78083) The Netsiv, Naphtali Ẓevi Judah Berlin, was the last Rosh Yeshiva of the Volozhin Yeshiva.    Sold

[Schapiro, Eva]. Kovets tsiyurim: em kol hai. Warsaw, Defus Y. Edelshtain, 1909. Duodecimo, soiled and water-stained paper covers, 63 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (77324)      $50.00

Shne'urson, Pinta. Ha-Tse'akah ha-olamit al Treblinka: lamah ve-ekh. Tel Aviv, Hotsaat "El-Damei", c. 1943/4. Duodecimo, stapled paper covers, 8 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Rare. (77608)  A small pamphlet about the shame of the crimes committed at Treblinka. A forgotten voice. This is the only item in OCLC by this author who may be a relative of the Habad Schneersons   $60.00

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The Jews of India - their stories on paper

The Jews of India are comprised of a number of small communities of quite distinctive character. There are older settlements and there are the later arrivals from the Persian community. Below are a few works dealing with these distinctive communities. The first item is a notable book and quite uncommon. All of these are available via the Hollander Books website at the moment unless marked as sold.

Erkulkar, D. S., editor. The Israelite. Isarayala. Vol. 1, January 1917 - Tebeth 5677, No. 1. through Vol. 1, December 1917- Kislev 5678, No. 12. Bombay, India, R.J. Ezekiel, 1917. Octavo, light blue cloth with gold lettering, tear to the cloth at the head of the spine, minor worming to the boards, approximately 240 pp. with the original wrappers bound in., advertisements, yellowed paper with water-staining to the first page of the first issue, some mild worming internally. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew and Maranthi. This is the first year of eleven. The journal ceased publication mid-year on 1917. The National Library in Israel and the Klau Library at Hebrew Union College hold complete runs. A few institutions have volumes 6-8 which seem to be slightly more common or may simply be a copy cataloging phenomenon that masks the actual holdings of those institutions. The Hebrew Union College set is not listed via OCLC. I know it from direct examination.
English language articles in No. 1 are "Ourselves," the Editor, "Economics of a Bombay Bene-Israel Life," the Editor, "The Bene-Israel," K.B. Jacob B. Israel, "The Future of Our Community," A.S. Erkulkar, "The Community's Appreciation, Mr. Samson. English language articles in No. 2 are "The Needs of our Community," the Editor, "The Bene-Israel," K.B. Jacob B. Israel, "The Study of Hebrew among the Bene-Israel," H.S. Rubens, "Our Yellow Cover," R.J. Ezekiel, "Three Sisters," X, "Young men's Hebrew Association Poona," our correspondent. English language articles in No 3. are "The Needs of our Community," the Editor, "The Law of Inheritance and Succession among the Bene-Israels," I.J. Samson, "People Will Talk," a Lady Friend. English language articles in No. 4 are "The Needs of our Community," the Editor, "The Bene-Israel," D.J. Samson, "A Jewish Library," B.D. Shahapurker. English language articles in No. 5 are "The Needs of our Community," the Editor, "The Bene-Israel," D.J. Samson. English language articles in No 6. are "The Needs of our Community," the Editor, "The Bene-Israel," D.J. Samson. English language articles in No. 7 are "Lest We Forget," the Editor, "Marriage and Divorce among The Bene-Israel," D.J. Samson, "Poona New Synagogue Fund." English Language articles in No. 8 are "The Torah - Our Greatest Benefactor," W.M. Haffkine, "Marriage and Divorce among The Bene-Israel," D.J. Samson. English language articles in No. 9 are "Thoughts on Yom Kippur," the Editor, "A Page from the Past," S.D.A. Rohekar, "The Free Ophthalmic Hospital," "An Appeal to the Public." English language articles in No 10 are "What is a Conference," the Editor, "The Phrase 'an Eye for an Eye' and the Question of Reprisals," Herbert Loewe, "Queer Beliefs of the Arab Jews," I.A. Isaacs, "Stray Thoughts on Jewish Religion," G. Lewis, "The Israelite League." English language articles in No. 12 are "Communal Conference Contre-Temps," the Editor, "The Phrase 'an Eye for an Eye' and the Question of Reprisals," Herbert Loewe, "Rules and Regulations for the Conference.
Each issue includes News & Notes, Correspondence and some contain gleanings. Each issue has a section in Maranthi equal in size to the section in English which sadly your cataloger cannot read or explicate. One more item for the linguistic bucket-list. (78221)
Indian Jewish imprints are hard to come by. Printing arrived in Goa in the 16th Century but the number of imprinted produced by the various Indian Jewish communities is not large. The Israelite comes from a period of some comfort and success for the Bene-Israel community.    Sold

Ahva: Registered under the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. (Regd. No D 247). Report and Statement of Accounts for the Years 1975 to 1979. Bombay, India, Ahva, c/o Mr. Samuel Hannock, 1979. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 40 pp. Softbound. Very Good.  (40426)   $30.00

Astren, Fred. The Printed Book in India: Imprints of the Blumenthal Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Berkeley, CA, Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1992. First Edition. Small octavo, stapled paper covers, 46 pp., b/w illustrations, bibliography, index. Softbound. Very Good. A catalog of 141 items in the collection with short physical descriptions and with illustrations of some title pages and plates from the items. (29386)     $14.95

Congregation BINA: Rosh Hashana Special Issue. New York, September 29, 1981. New York, Congregation BINA, 1981. Royal octavo, paper covers creased across the horizontal center, 8 pp. Softbound. Good. A Bene Israel [Indian Jewish] New York synagogue community bulletin. (68576)   $10.00

Fernandes, Edna. The Last Jews of Kerala: The 2, 000 Year History of India's Forgotten Jewish Community. New York, Skyhourse Publishing, 2008. First Edition. ISBN: 978-1-60239-267-0. Octavo in dust jacket, xxii, 228 pp., b/w photos, references. The Kerala community traces its roots to the time of the destruction of the second temple but it has faded now to just a few dozen. It was comprised of the White Jews of Mattancherry and the Black Jews of Ernakulam. Hardbound. Very Good.  (66842)     $3.95

Isenberg, Shirley Berry. India's Bene Israel: A Comprehensive Inquiry and Sourcebook. Berkeley, California, Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1988. First Edition. Octavo in dust jacket, xxxii, 443 pp., b/w photos, three fold-out maps, statistical tables, glossary and historical notes for Indian Terms used in the book, glossary and notes for Jewish terms used in this book, bibliography, index. Hardbound. Very Good. A thorough scholarly study of the largest of India's three major Jewish communities. What began for the author as an anthropological work expanded to include a clear exposition of the Indian environment and of the history of the community. The Bene Israel lived largely in the area of Bombay and in the adjacent Kolaba district along the western coast of India. A thriving community that peaked in the 1940s, the Bene Israel are now a very small remnant.  (29383)     $30.00

Judah, Aaron. Clown on Fire. New York, The Dial Press, 1967. First Edition. Small octavo in dust jacket, xx, 211 pp. Hardbound. Very Good.  (22613)  A young adult novel with a Lithuanian-Iranian heritage boy growing up in India. The story features all sorts of troublesome young people's behavior in the company of Jews, Muslims and Hindus. The book won The Dial Press Fellowship Award for fiction for 1967.    $9.00

Judah, Sophie. Dropped from Heaven: Stories. New York, Schocken Books, 2007. First Edition. ISBN: 978-0-8052-4248-5. Octavo in dust jacket, x, 245 pp. Hardbound. Very Good.  (66144)  Nineteen interconnected stories set in the mythical village of Jwalanager among the Bene Israel.    $8.00

Sargon, Joe I., editor. The Jewish Tribune: India's Leading Jewish Paper. Vol. I-No. 4m June 1st 1933.-Sivan 5693. Shabuoth Number. Bombay, India, 1933. Small quarto, stapled paper covers, 38 pp., ads. Softbound. Good.  (39065)      $25.00

Sargon, Joe I., editor. The Jewish Tribune: India's Leading Jewish Paper. Vol. I-No. 6, August 1st 1933.-AB 5693. Bombay, India, 1933. Small quarto, stapled paper covers, 34 pp., ads. Softbound. Good.  (39066)     $25.00

Silliman, Jael. Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames: Women's Narratives from a Diaspora of Hope. Hanover, New Hampshire, Brandeis University Press, published by University Press of New England, 2001. ISBN: 1-58465-305-1. Octavo, paper covers, x, 198 pp., b/w photos, references, index. Softbound. Very Good.
Jewish Portraits, Indian Frames offers a personal and social history of the author's foremothers -- Baghdadi Jews who lived most of their lives in the Jewish community in Calcutta. Jael Silliman begins with a portrait of Farha, her maternal great-greandmother, who dwelled almost entirely within the Baghdadi Jewish community no matter where she and her husband traveled on business (Calcutta, Rangoon, Singapore). Next is her maternal grandmother, Miriam (Mary), who was much more Anglicized than Farha and deeply influenced by British colonial practices. The third portrait, of Silliman's mother, Flower, reveals a woman in a double transition: her own and India's. Flower grew up in colonial India, witnessed India's struggle for independence, and lived her middle years in an independent India. The final sketch is of Silliman herself. Born in Calcutta in 1955 in the waning Jewish community, Silliman grew up in a cosmopolitan and Indian world, rather than a Baghdadi Jewish one. Silliman's own travels have taken her to the US, where, as a teacher and scholar, her primary identification is with the "South Asian intellectual and professional diaspora." These rich family portraits convey a sense of the singular roles women played in building and sustaining a complex diaspora in what Silliman calls "Jewish Asia" over the past 150 years. Her sketches of the everyday lives of her fore-mothers -- from the food they ate and the clothes they wore to the social and political relationships they forged -- bring to life a community and a culture, even as they disclose the unexpected and subtle complexities of the colonial encounter as experienced by Jewish women. (41826)      $12.50
Sofaer, Pearl. Baghdad to Bombay: In the Kitchens of My Cousins. Eastsound, WA, Paper Jam Publishing, 2008. ISBN: 978-1-888345-24-7. Octavo, glossy paper covers, 238 pp., b/w photos, recipes, Hindi terms, errata sheet. Softbound. Very Good. "Pearl Sofaer was born and grew up in Bombay, India. Her large family originated in Baghdad and Kirkuk, Iraq, before migrating to Burma and India during the latter part of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th. After the partition of India in 1947, most of her family moved to the four corners of the globe to become a living collage of many nations. One of the results of their rich heritage and embrace of their new cultures has been an expanded repertoire of cuisine, grounded, of course, by the traditional foods of Iraq and India. Food continues to be the centerpiece of celebrations hosted by members of this vast clan, many of who generously opened their kitchens to their cousin." from pearlsofaerdotcom (49383)     $19.95

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A few books for Jewish Children.

A few Jewish children's books mostly from the 1920s and 30s in Hebrew and Yiddish. The Twentieth Century brought fantastic and furious innovation in the field of children's publishing. In the 1920s and 30s authors, illustrators and publishers began to take into account the actual interests and preferences of children. The works presented here are either from before this era of innovation or on the cusp of that era. Levin Kipnis, represented by one work below, crossed over into that new era and provided Israeli readers in Hebrew and world readers in Yiddish many many works that appeal to children and adults alike.

Ben Uri, [Meir]. Masot ha-pela'im shel Rabah bar Bar Hana: meubad lefi ha-Talmud. Tel Aviv, Hotsaat H. Loewenstein, 1936. 16mo, 18 pp. in an accordion fold, drawings throughout by Ben-Uri. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (77350) Rabbah Bar Bar Hana was a master of Aggadah in Talmud Bavli. He appears in at least a dozen different tractates. His special province as a story teller is the strange journey full of wonders and miracles that help him understand parts of Torah that were difficult for him. This treatment, a dos-a-dos pamphlet with text and illustrations on every page, depicts such a journey.    Sold

Kaplan, Chayim Aron. Sefer ha-mishakim ha-sha'ashuim veha-hitamlut: sefer-ezer le-horim, le-morim ule-talmidim. Warsaw, Limud, 1927. Octavo, mildly worn stapled paper covers, 84 pp., b/w drawings and photos. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (78089)  A book of games and songs for children.   $30.00

Kipnis, Levin. Hayoh hayah: sipurim ketuvim bi-yede Levin Kipnis Alef. Erelah u-Vubatah. Tel Aviv, Dvir, 1930s. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 8 pp., cover and two drawings by A. Heshkovits. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (78082)  Levin Kipnis was a major force in Israeli children's literature, primarily in Hebrew. In his later years he turned his attention towards Yiddish and became a major presence with the Yiddishist world. He began writing as a young child. He was mostly closely associated with the publisher Dvir in the mid to late 1920s. He did work with them later and I date this pamphlet to a later period on the basis of the illustration and calligraphy on the cover. This is a pleasant little story of a girl and her doll meant for a younger elementary school reader.   $35.00

Limude ha-keri'ah = oder, Unterrikht im lezen, dez loshoyn ha-koydesh un Yidish-Daytsh ... fir di izraelitishen shulen. Fürth, Druck und Verlag von D. Zürndorffer und Sommer, 1852. Duodecimo, paper covers, 24 pp. Softbound. Very Good-. Text is in Hebrew and German with a section in Yidish-Taytsh and the special Ivri-Taytsh type. A later printing of the work with the same title dated 1846 under the OCLC number 137242070. (77315)  This is what a children's Hebrew primer looked like in the first half of the nineteenth century.    $50.00

Mendele Mokher Seforim, Sholom Aleykhem, Y. L. Peretz. Shul Bibliotek No. 1. Dos Kelbl. No. 2. Sholom Aleykhem's Dos Meserl. No. 3. Y.L. Perets' Kinder-Lider. Warsaw, Farlag "Kultur-Lige", 1921. 16mo, gray cloth spine with minor wear, printed paper covered boards, soiled covers, first title page loose, 32, 32, 16 pp., yellowed paper, frontispiece illustrations and in-text illustrations throughout the first Mendele story by Joseph Chaikov. Hardbound. Good-. Text is in Yiddish. OCLC Numbers: 38094865, 19309125, 613226955. Three short stories, one each by the three Klassikers of Yiddish literature, meant for school use. The first of the three, "Dos Kelbl," is illustrated by Chaikov. Chaikov along with Boris Aronson and El Lisitsky was one of the founders of Kultur-Lige which is the publisher of all three stories. Chaikov was active as a sculptor already at the time of this publication. Over time his focus turned more towards sculpture particularly after the Soviet turn against the avant garde. (78068) Sold

Raskin, Bentsiyon. Aviv-ziv. Tel Aviv, B. Berlevi, 1930s. Octavo, single sheet folded to create 10 pp., b/w drawings by Sh. Ovadyahu. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (78093)  A story for young elementary school children telling of two birds surviving their encounters with various predators. Natural realistic drawings accompany the large sized type of the text. Sold

Small packages...

A group of small books with a lot to say. Other than the Imber they are too big to be considered miniature books, but they are still pretty small. The first of a number of posts generated out of a large accumulations of pamphlets recently acquired. Most are in Hebrew but some are in Yiddish. Those not listed as sold are available through

Ben Nun, Hanah and Helfgot, Yerahmi'el. Mi-ben homot Varshah: mi-yomane halutsim ba-mahteret. Merhavyah, Hostaat Ha-Kibuts Ha-Meuhad, c. 1943. 16mo, paper covers, 83 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5.25 by 3.75 inches. (77611)  An early work on the Warsaw and Lodz ghettos.    Sold

Y. H. B. [Brenner, Joseph Hayyim]. Perudot: kovets sifruti le-kor'im tse'irim (Alef.). Jaffa, Be-Hotsa'at S. Barsky, 1916/7. Short duodecimo, paper covers, 64 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew.6.5 by 4.75 inches. (77320) A literary magazine edited by Brenner. We also have the second issue in stock, but it is a larger format.    $45.00

Broides, Abraham. Ba-tsar. Tel Aviv, Ha-Mishmeret ha-tse'irah le-Mifleget po'ale Erets-Yisrael, 1945. 32mo, paper covers, 48 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 6,25 by 4 inches. (77326)  A collection of poetry. Broides made Aliyah to Mandate Palestine. His writing is full of a fervent idealistic Zionism tempered only partly by his familiarity with Arab opposition and the general difficulties of the Zionist project.    $25.00

Cohen, Aharon. Ha-Tsad ha-sheni shel ha-matbe'a. Jerusalem, Ligah le-hitkarvut ve-shituf Yehudi-Aravi, 1947. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 34 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 4.75 by 3.75 inches.  (77316) A left-leaning argument for rapprochement between Palestinian Jews and Arabs.    $20.00

Hazan, Hayim Aryeh. Neginot: kovets shirim manginim. Mekhil: Shire Bet-Sefer. Shire-Am. Shire-Bimah. Vilna, 1921. 16mo, paper covers, 80 pp., un-cut, yellowed paper. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Song lyrics without music. This item is described as for sale from Herrn Ch. Chazan Hebräisches Gymnasium in WILNO, Litauen and from Mrs. Mary Libert, 605 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa, America.6 by 4.5 inches.  (77621)      $60.00

Imber, Naphtali Herz. Leha-Ivriyah asher shar ha-meshorer ha-nora ba'al "Hatikvah"/ To the Hebrew Language by the Famous Author of Hattikvah. Philadelphia, PA, Yosef Magilnitski, 1907. 64mo, stapled paper cover, 24 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 2.5 by 1.5 inches. (77634)     Sold

Kook, Abraham Isaac. Igeret ha-tohorah; u-Ma'amar Pitse ohev. Me'ah She'arim, Hotsa'at Tal Talpiyot, 1940s. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 20 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. 4.75 by 3.75 inches.  (77635) A short article on the theology of "Love Suffering," a difficult theological concept discussed in Tractate Berakhot.  Sold

Kook, Abraham Isaac. Rosh milin; rishme mahshavah le-midrash ha-otiyot, Ha-Tagin, Ha-Nekudot veha-Te'amim. London, Available from J. Wolpert, 1916/7. 32mo, paper covers, 142 pp., errata. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5.5 by 3.5 inches  (77622) An important work by Rav Kook on repentance. It was published in London where he was serving as a local rabbi. It was his good fortune to be stuck in the UK at the outbreak of the First World War and took a pulpit there to make ends meet.   Sold

Lider: gezungen baym Arbeter Ring ovent Shabos, dem 20-ten Detsember, 1947, Toronto, Kanada. Toronto, Canada, Arbeter Ring, 1947. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 31 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish. 4.75 by 3.75 inches. (77231) A collection of songs sung by the membership of the Workman's Circle. Includes Hirsh Glik's 'Partisan Song.'    $25.00

Neustadt, Mordechai. Shenat hashmadah: (ha-Yahadut u-tenu'atenu ba-tofet ha-Natsit al saf shenat 704)/ The Year of Destruction (The Jews and our Movement under the Nazis at the end of 1943). Tel Aviv, Mifleget po'ale Erets-Yisrael, Detsember, 1943. 16mo, stapled paper covers, 47 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. 6 by 4.5 inches. (78080) Another work present contemporaneous reporting on the Holocaust for the Mandate Palestine audience. These things were known.    $35.00

Rosen, Shelomoh. Mi-tokh ha-mapolet. Tel Aviv, Sifriyat min ha-moked, Am Oved, 1943/4. 16mo, paper covers, 96 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5/75 by 4 inches.  (77612) Translated into Hebrew from a Yiddish manuscript by Hayim Tartakover.  A narrative by a Jewish fighter in the Second World War.  $25.00

M. Soloveitchik and A. Smitanah. Ha-Hok al devar va'ade ha-kehilot: ministeriyon le-inyene ha-Yehudim/ Laiinas istatymas is 1920 m. sausio 10 d. apic zydu bendruomeniu tarybu teises apkrauti mokesniasis gyventojus zydus ir instrukcija is 1920 m. kovo 29 d. del tojo istatymo vykdymo tvarkos. With a second cover with title-page in Yiddish: Der Gezetsvegn di Va'ade Ha-Kehilot un di Instruktsye vegn zeyn farvirklikhung fun 29 Merts 1920. Kaunas, Zydu Reikalu Ministretija, 1920. 16mo, stapled paper covers,25 pp. Softbound. Good. Text in Hebrew and Yiddish. 6 by 4 inches. (77619) A constitutional document in multiple languages for Jewish self-governance in Kaunas/ Kovno.    $50.00