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Essential Reference Books in and on Yiddish.

    A list of particularly important works in Yiddish. With the exception of Stutchkoff's Yiddish Rhyming Lexicon these are all essential books for serious scholarly libraries. For the linguist there are many very important items. As the Gemara often says, "Learn from this."

Aronson (Chil Aron), Chil. Bilder un Geshtaltn fun Monparnas/ Scenes et Visages de Montparnasse. Paris, 1963. Folio, green cloth, xxiv, 672 pp., 314 b/w illustrations of paintings and sculptures.  Very Good. In Yiddish with a French language table of contents and list of plates at the rear. Includes sections on Montparnasse life, Parisian Cafes, the Jewish writers of Montparnasse but is predominently comprised of the plates and short essays on the artists who are Naoum Aronson, Jules Pascin, Amadeo Modigliani, Chaim Soutine, Marc Chagall, Maurice Utrillo, Pable Picasso, George Kars, Leopold Gottlieb, Otto Freundlich, J.B. Ryback, Moise Kagan, Lasar Segall, George Merkell, Louis Marcoussis, Moise Kisling, Eugene Zak, Abraham Mintchin, Henri Glicenstein, Zygmunt Menkes, Leon Weissberg, Maurice Mendjizki, Chana Orloff, Jacques Lipchitz, Efraim Mandelbaum, Adolphe Feder, Henri Epstein, Jacques Shapiro, Mane-Katz, Pinkhas Kremegne, Adolphe Milich, Michel Kkoine, Simon Segal, Joachim Weingart, Roman Kramsztyk, Yankel Adler, Ezechiel Kirschenbaum, Jacques Loutchansky, Alfred Aberdam, Adlen, Zarfin, Leon Indenbaum, Constant, Maurice Blond, Georges Goldkorn, Leopold Kretz, Isaac Doubrynski, Fiszel Zylberberg-Zber, Isaac Pailes, Joseph Hecht, Marc Sterling Abraham Rosenbaum, Maryan, Aron Haber-Beron, Jacob Macznik, Samuel Schvede, Simon Mondzian, M. Bagel, Erna Dem, Gabriel Zendel, Joseph Pressmane, Atlan, Benn, Jacob Markiel, Robert Pikelny, Lazare Volovick, Isaac Antcher, Aria Merzer, Yankel, Zygmunt Schreter, Gleb, Arthur Kolnik, Ossipe Zadkine, Felicia Pacanowska, Nathan Rapoport, Ester Carp, Marek Halter, David Garfinkiel, Moli Chwat, Marie Chabchay. Preface by Marc Chagall. There is no more important publication on the Jewish artists of Paris and the French Avant Garde.  (11105)      $300.00

Harkavy, Alexander. Yiddish-English-Hebrew Dictionary/ Yidish-English-Hebrayish Verterbukh. New York, Schocken/ YIVO, 1988. A Reprint of the Expanded Second Edition. ISBN: 0-8052-4027-6. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, frontispiece photo, xlvi, 583 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish, Hebrew and English. With a New Introduction by Dovid Katz (32115)      $20.00 

Kagan, Berl. Sefer Ha-prenumerantn/ Hebrew Subscription Lists: With an Index to 8,767 Jewish Communities in Europe and North Africa. New York, The Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary in America and Ktav Publishing House, Inc., 1975. Quarto, blue cloth, xx, 384, xii pp., index of the books, index of the subscribers names. Hardbound. Very Good. Introduction in English at the rear. In Hebrew. "It was the custom among writers of the past few hundred years, especially among writers on rabbinic subjects, to obtain assistance in publishing work by soliciting advance funds from potential customers. ... The common procedure was for the author to approach the rabbi of the city in which he found himself, and where he expected to find subscribers for his work, and show him the manuscript. If the author had already received written letters of approval for his manuscript from other rabbis, or if the rabbi himself perceived that the work was in the spirit of Jewish tradition and worthy of appearing in print, he would appoint one or two upstanding Jews to accompany the author as he collected subscriptions for his as yet unpublished volume. An enlightened author, of course, went to a Haskalah Jew in town, who led him, in turn, to other Haskalah Jews." from the author's English language introduction. In other words, this is the map to Jewish intellectual associations in the 18th and 19th centuries.    (12013)      $95.00 

Kingman, Gordon and Rontch, Isaac E., edited by. Di Yidishe Landsmanshaften fun Nyu York/ The Jewish Landsmanschaften of New York. Tsugegreyt durkh der Yidisher Shreyber-Grupe oyf'n Federalen Shreyber Proyekt Works Progress Administration in the City of New York. New York, I.L. Perets Shreyber Fareyn,1938. Quarto, grey cloth with black lettering, inner hinges weakened, 400 pp., b/w photos, Roster of Landsmanschaft Organizations, index, English directory. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish (21908)  The basic reference on Landsmanshaften.    $175.00

Korman, E. Yidishe Dikhterins: Antologye. Chicago, Farlag L.M. Stein, 1928. Royal Octavo, edgeworn blue cloth with gold lettering, soiled front pastedown endpaper, lxxxii, 390 pp., tipped-in b/w photos of books and manuscripts and small tipped-in portraits and drawings of the poets, b/w chapter head and tail devices by Todros Geller, notes, index. Hardbound. Good. In Yiddish. OCLC Number: 16074308. A fine collection of selected, poems by Yiddish women poets from Roizl Fishl in the 1500s on into the 1920s. Includes Anna Blokh, Roza Gutman, Ida Glazer-Andrus, Celia Dropkin, Leah K. Hofman, Pesi Hershfeld, Rashel Veprinski, Roza Yakubovitsh, Yudika, Malka Lee, Kadia Molodowsky, Bertha Kling, Zelde Knizshnik, Anna Rapport, Sore Reyzen, Miriam Ulinover. OCLC Number: 16074308. (60157)      $75.00 

Mark, Yudel & Joffe, Judah, edited by. Groyser Verterbukh fun der Yidisher Shprakh/ Great Dictionary of the Yiddish Language. In Four Volumes. Incomplete, but all published. New York, Yiddish Dictionary Committee, Inc., 1961, 66, 71, 80. Quartos, red cloth with gold lettering, light soiling, xxxii, 508 + xxxii, 509-1096 + xxiv, 1097-1708 + xxiix, 1709-2333, vii pp.  Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. This massive work reached only the conclusion of Aleph, but because of the significance of that letter yielded 80,000 entries, one third of the entire Yiddish vocabulary. The work was planned to go thirteen volumes, but the deaths of Joffe and then Mark as well as many of their over 300 correspondent brought the work to a half. Perhaps someone will come along and work with whatever notes remain for the rest of the Yiddish vocabulary. Until then we will have to make do with this great achievement as is.  (13542)      $200.00

Niger, S., edited by. Der Pinkas: Yohrbukh far der Geshikhte fun der Yudisher Literatur un Shprakh far Folklor, Kritik un Bibliografye. Ershte Yorhgang. Filologishe Shriftn. Vilna, Vilner Farlag fun B. A. Kletskin, 1923. Quarto, black cloth with gold lettering, faded lettering on panels on the spine, 410 columns two to the page, 72 columns, index. Yellowed paper. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. Includes as a separate section at the rear "Di Biblioteyk funm Yidishn Filalog/ Firhundert Yor Yidishe Shprakhforshung," by Ber Borokhov. (33585)      $125.00

Rejzen, Zalman [Reisen, Zalman]. Leksikon fun der Yidisher literatur, prese un filologye: Ingantsn Ibergeorbete Farmerte un Farfulshtendikte Oysgabe.  In Four Volumes. Vilna, Vilner Farlag fun B. Kletskin, 1928, 1927, 1929, 1929. Volume One: Drite Farbeserte Oyflage. Others first printings. Quartos, half red cloth with gold lettering and blind-stamped designs over green cloth covered boards with lettering outlined in gold, x, 1288 columns (two to a page), small b/w photos + vi, 1044 columns, b/w photos + vi, 796 columns, b/w photos + viii, 912 columns, b/w photos. Yellowed paper, but as good as copy as I have seen over the years. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. A Basic reference work. (33583)  Can't tell the players without a program.    $650.00

Schaechter, Mordkhe. Plant Names in Yiddish: A Handbook of botanical terminology/ Di Geviksn=Velt in Yidish. New York, YIVO Institute for Social Research, 2005. First Edition. ISBN: 0-914512-49-8. Octavo, glossy paper covers, civ, 384 pp. Softbound. New. In Yiddish and English. In addition to being a very useful reference work it also answers to Isaac Babel's claim that Jews knew the names of only two flowers, the Rose and the Violet. (34609)      $30.00

Stutchkoff, N., compiled by. Yidisher Gramen-Leksikon (35,000 Verter)/ Jewish Rhyming Lexicon. New York, Farlag Leksik, 1931. Octavo, red cloth with raised lettering on a brown panel, 330 pp.  Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. (35446)      $75.00 

Stutchkoff, Nahum. Der Oytser fun der Yidisher Sprakh/ Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language. New York, YIVO, 1950. 1991 Reprint edition. Royal octavo, green cloth with gold and black lettering, lvi, 932 pp., notes, index. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. "The Thesaurus of the Yiddish Language" comprises over one hundred and fifty thousand words, idioms, phrases and proverbs. It consists of three sections: introductory part (I-LVI); the material proper arranged, according to concepts, into groups from 1-620a (pp. 1-730); alphabetical index (731-932). (17441) The only item of it's kind as popularized by Henry Sapoznik.    $35.00 

Sunshone, Andrew, Weinreich, Uriel, Weinreich, Beatrice S. and Neumann, Robert. The Language and Culture Atlas of Ashkenazic Jewry: Prepared and published under the aegis of an Editorial Collegium Marvin Herzog (Editor-in-Chief), Vera Baviskar, Ulrike Kiefer, Robert Neumann, Wolfgang Putschke, Andrew Sunshine and Uriel Weinreich. Volume II: Research Tools/ Der yidisher shprakh- un Kultur-atlas. Tsveyter Band: Forsh-Getsayg. New York/ Tübingen, YIVO Institute for Jewish Research/ Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1995. First Edition. Oblong quarto, blue cloth with black lettering, 106, 88 pp., bibliography. Hardbound. Very Good. In English and Yiddish. THIS VOLUME ONLY. The Language and Culture of Ashkenazic Jewry is based on the investigation entitled Geographic Differentiation in Coterritotial Societies. The investigation was designed by Uriel Weinreich and directed by him until 1967. Since 1967 it has been directed by Marvin Herzog. The principle researchers were Vera Baviskar z"l, Marvin Herzog, Steven Lowenstein, Mordkhe Schaechter, Beatrice S. Weinreich and Uriel Weinreich z"l. (45127)    $125.00

Weinreich, M. and Raisen, Z., edited by. Filologishe Shriften: Tsveyter Band/ Studies in Philology: Second Volume. Vilna, Vilner Farlag fun B. Kletskin, 1928. Quarto, edgeworn black cloth with gold lettering, 518, xxviii pp., b/w plates, addenda and corrigenda, English language summaries of the articles at the rear. Yellowed paper. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. Articles are "Velevele of Zbarazh and His Letters," Bernhard Wachstein, "Israel Axenfeld, New Data on His Life and Work," Sh. Ginsburg, "New and Old Words in the Yiddish bible Translation by Yehoash," Khaim Spivak, "The Struggle for Yiddish in the Old Yiddish literature," Israel Zinberg, "Assimilation of Consonants in the Yiddish Sentence," Theodore Gutmann, "The Shire-gris," J. Willer, "The Three Yiddish Books of Michael Adam," N. Shtif, "A Lamentation of the 'Meshorers' of Frankfurt," A Freimann, "Proper Names and Their Importance in Yiddish," Tsvi Shpirn, "On the use of Cases in Yiddish," E. Kaganoff, "The Slav Element and Slav Influence in Yiddish," Alfred Landau, "The First History of Yiddish Theatre," Jacob Shatzky, "Notes on Yiddish in the Burgenland," R. Stalek, "Beliefs and Customs in Connection with Death," Kh. Khayes, "The Date of Birth of Ayzik Mayer Dik," P. Kon, "A Dutch-Yiddish Bride Song of the End of the 18th Century," I.M. Hillesom, "Yiddish Elements in the Early German Jargon," Rudolf Glanz, "Notes on the Polish-Yiddish Vocabulary," Moshe Lerer, "Rare Yiddish Books in the Library of the University of Harvard," A.A. Roback, "The Song of Mobilization," W. Anderson, "On the Terminology Used in Various Trades," S. Winter, "Notes on the Ahaseurus Drama," M. Weinreich, "Contributions to Word Formation in Yiddish," Z. Raisin, "Peretz and Frishman in Their Personal Relations," N. Mayzel. (53303)      $110.00

Weinreich, M and Raisen, Z., edited by. Shriftn fun Yidishn Visnshaftlekhn Institut Filologishe Shriftn. Driter Band/ Publications of the Yiddish Scientific Institute Studies in Philology. Third Volume. Vilna, Vilner Farlag B. Kletskin, 1929. Quarto, original wraps bound in quarter buchram with dull brown marbled paper covered boards, 622, xxviii pp., slightly yellowed paper. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish with a short section at the rear in English. Articles are "The Historical Allegory of Rabbi Meir Schatz," Isaac Rivkind, "The Lamentation (Kloglid) on the Destruction of Worms," Jacob Shatzky, "Philip Krantz and His Literary Acquaintances," Moshe Starkman, "The Genealogy of Haikl Hurwitz," Menasheh Unger, "Death in the Popular Beliefs of the Jews. A Questionaire," compiled by Sh. Ansky, "The First Hebrew-Yiddish Text-Book of Polish and its Author the Bishop Jan Chryzostom Gintyllo," Pinkhas Kon, "Lilith," I. Zoller, "An Idioticon of Lojvitch (Kowicz)," Isaiah Taub, "Thirty Unpublished Letters of Sholem-Aleichem," "From the Old Yiddish Literature. Bibliographical Notes," I. Zinberg, "New Ideas on Grammar," A Zaratzky, "Etymological Notes," Daniel Leibl, "The Yiddish Medrash 'Vajosha,'" Leo Landau, "A Newly Discovered Manuscript on the Ritual Murder Accusation in Metz (1669)," Meir ben Abraham Halevy, "Street Advertisements," Mejlekh Gromb, "Yiddish Songs in Hungary and Slovakia," Israel Taglicht, "Yiddish Surnames in the Ukraine," Sh. Weissenberg, "'Hadrath Skenim' of Rabbi Azaria de Rossi in Yiddish Translation, An hitherto Unknown Manuscript of Moshe Eisenstadt-Katzenelenbogen," Bernard Wachstein, "A Supplement to Mr. Shpirn's Article on the Importance of Proper Names in Yiddish," A.A. Roback, "Letters from J.L. Peretz to Sholem-Aleichem," Nakhman Maizel, "The Polish Folk Song 'Wojna Zydowska' ('The Jewish War')," N. Veinig, "Some remarks on the Yiddish Syntax," Eugene Kagarov, "Jehuda Joseph Lerner, a Forgotton Nihilist," Sh. Borovoi, "Transcriptions of Yiddish," Salomo Birnbaum, "Jokes and Anecdotes of 'Maskilim' and of 'Lomdim,'" Sh. Beilin, "Paul Helicz's 'Elemental oder Lesebuchlen,'" Nahum Schif, "The Yiddish Press in Roumania from 1854 to 1926," Sh.S. Roman, "Two Yiddish Songs Ridiculing the Jews," Max Weinreich, "The First Yiddish Comedy," Max Erik, "Some Yiddish Place-Names in Poland," Sam Winter, "Adjective Formation in Yiddish," Zalman Raisen, Addenda et Corrigenda (36215)     $125.00

Weinreich, Max. Geshikhte fun der Yidisher Shprakh: Baginen, Faktn, Metodn/ History of the Yiddish Language. In four Volumes. New York, YIVO, 1973. Octavos, grey cloth, xiv, 355 + xii, 399 + xii, 383 + xii, 395 pp. Volume three and four consists of the notes for the previous volumes.  Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. OCLC Number: 1344347. (68847)     $150.00

Weinreich, Max. History of the Yiddish Language. In Two Volumes. New Haven, Yale University Press, Published in cooperation with the YIVO Institue for Jewish Research, 2008. Second English language edition. ISBN: 978-0-300-10887-3. Octavos, blue cloth with gold lettering, xiv, 348, 357A pp., maps and tables, + vi, 349-733, 358A-988A pp., a few maps and figures, cumulative index. Hardbound. Very Good. Translated by Shlomo Noble, with the assistance of Joshua A. Fishman. With a new introduction to this edition by Paul Glasser who edited this second edition. His introduction explains the many differences between this edition and the previous one published by the University of Chicago in one volume in 1980. I had always wondered how the four volumes of the original Yiddish language edition had been squeezed into one volume. In fact only small pieces of the extensive notes (Volumes three and four) had appeared in the Chicago edition. Here there are presented in their entirety (The pagination ending in A indicated the notes), nearly one thousand pages. It is unclear whether the notes were translated by Joshua Fishman, Paul Glasser or some other hand. The notes are translated with a more contemporary eye to transliteration and are improved on where Weinreich's brevity in notation was excessive. The original index prepared by Bella Hass Weinberg has been revised and augmented by Nancy Zibman. Each volume includes an Appendix: Parallel Paragraph numbering of Max Weinreich (1973): 'Geshikhte fun der Yidisher Shprakh' and Max Weinreich (2008): 'History of the Yiddish Language,' and a Select Bibliography of Max Weinreich's Works. (69271)      $100.00

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A nod to Black History Month

The shortest month of the year, but it is a whole month. Black studies and Africa used to be a larger part of my business. My first print catalog was of Africa and included over seven hundred items. Outside of my business interests both areas continue to be of daily interest to me. Below are a few interesting items from my current holdings. As would be expected they have a link to Jewish interests. Feel free to email me if you are interested in receiving a complete list of my holdings.

Caplan, Marc and Linzer, Lori, edited by. Research Report. Uncommon Ground: The Black African Holocaust Council and Other Links Between Black and White Extremists. New York, Anti-Defamation League, 1994. Quarto, paper covers, 21 pp. Softbound. Very Good.  (68225)     $15.00

 Fisk, Alfred & Thurman, Howard. The First Footprints. The Dawn of the Idea of the Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples: Letters Between Alfred Fisk & Howard Thurman 1943-1944. San Francisco, California, 1975. Octavo, paper covers with minor soiling and wear to the covers, light wear to the free front endpaper, iv, 55 pp. Softbound. Good. Foreword by Howard Thurman. Inscribed by Thurman to Rabbi Saul White and his wife Ruth White. (70236)  Fisk and Thurman were important and popular Christian ministers in San Francisco. Together they created the first inter-racial ministry. They were very active in Ecumenical relations. A history of their church can be found at: Rabbi Saul White was the Rabbi of Congregation Beth Sholom in San Francisco for almost fifty years. He was a constant frustration to the local Jewish establishment, never willing to forgive their anti-Zionism and their lack of concern for the Jews of Nazi Europe. He was well-enough regarded by Thurman that we was invited on a number of occasions to preach at the Fellowship.    $35.00

Green, Ber, edited by. Zamlungen. Fertlyor-Shrift far Literatur Kritik un Kultur-Gezelshaftlekhe Shtudyen. Harbst 1964, Tsenter Yorgang, 31. Gevidmet dem Kamf fun Neger-Folk far Galykhe Recht. [Commemorating the African-American Struggle for their Civil Rights]. New York, Yidishn Shreyber-Fareyn beym YKUF, 1964. Octavo, paper covers, 128 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish. (66455)      $18.00

Japtok, Martin. Growing Up Ethnic: Nationalism and the Bildungsroman in African American and Jewish American Fiction. Iowa City, the University of Iowa Press, 2005. ISBN: 0-87745-923-1. Octavo in dust jacket, xii, 201 pp., notes, works cited, index. Hardbound. Very Good.  
           "Growing Up Ethnic examines the presence of literary similarities between African American and Jewish American coming-of-age stories in the first half of the twentieth century; often these similarities exceed what could be explained by socio-historical correspondences alone. Martin Japtok argues that these similarities result from the way both African American and Jewish American authors have conceptualized their “ethnic situation.”
         The issue of “race” and its social repercussions certainly defy any easy comparisons. However, the fact that the ethnic situations are far from identical in the case of these two groups only highlights the striking thematic correspondences in how a number of African American and Jewish American coming-of-age stories construct ethnicity. Japtok studies three pairs of novels-James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man and Samuel Ornitz's Haunch, Paunch and Jowl, Jessie Fauset's Plum Bun and Edna Ferber's Fanny Herself, and Paule Marshall's Brown Girl, Brownstones and Anzia Yezierska's Bread Giver—and argues that the similarities can be explained with reference to mainly two factors, ultimately intertwined: cultural nationalism and the Bildungsroman genre." text from the dust jacket. (36126)      $20.00

 Jiggetts, J. Ida. Israel To Me: A Negro Social Worker in Israel. New York, Bloch Publishing Company, 1957. Octavo in dust jacket with minor edgewear, xxiv, 274 pp., b/w photos, bibliography. Hardbound. Very Good-. Preface by Abraham I. Katsh. Signed by the author on the free front endpaper. The first account of the new state of Israel from an African-American point of view. Ralph Bunche could have written something very interesting but never did. (8597)      $35.00

 Lazerson, David. Sharing Turf: Race Relations after the Crown Heights Riots. Miami Beach, Florida, Ballad Productions, 2004. ISBN: 0-9753663-0-0. Octavo, glossy paper covers, vi, 278 pp., b/w photos. Softbound. Very Good.  (32436)   For more on Lazerson see his own website at: A very interesting person.  $18.00

Melnick, Jeffrey. A Right to Sing the Blues: African Americans, Jews, and American Popular Song. Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University Press, 1999. First Edition. ISBN: 0-674-76976-7. Octavo in dust jacket, x, 277 pp., notes, index. Hardbound. Very Good. An essential treatment of the complicated relationship between Jewish and African-American interests in the history of American Popular Music. (38517)      $18.00

 Michelson, Richard. As Good As Anybody: Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel's Amazing March Toward Freedom. New York, Alfred A. Knopf, 2008. First Edition. ISBN: 978-0-375-83335-9. Quarto in dust jacket, 40 pp., color illustrations by Raul Colon. Hardbound. Very Good. Winner of the 2009 Sydney Taylor Jewish Book Award. (50304) $8.50

Novik, P. Di Rol fun Yidn in di Neger-Kamfn: Vos Kumt For Tsvishn di Neger? Vos Darf Zeyn Di Rol fun Yidn? Vos iz Forgekumen in Los Andzsheles? Faktn -Tsifern - Bilder. New York, Morning Freiheit, 1965. Small octavo, stapled paper covers, 22 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish(43573)      $25.00  

Saul, Shura. The Right to be Different: Twenty-Five sketches of those who sought a better world. [Chicago], Friends of the Family of Lionel Picheny in the Midwest Section, National Jewish Welfare Board, 1961. Royal octavo, thick stiff paper covers, 160 pp., b/w photos and drawings. Third edition, 1967. Softbound. Very Good. Designed and illustrated by Peggy Lipschutz. Edited by Elias Picheny. A text to teach Jewish leadership. Closes with chapters on Martin Luther King and on Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman.  (28301)      $18.00

Schorsch, Jonathan. Jews and Blacks in the Early Modern World. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2004 [2009]. First paper edition. ISBN: 978-0-521-52723-1. Octavo, paper covers, xiv, 546 pp., a few b/w illustrations, Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews of Barbados (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries), Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews of Jamaica (Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries), Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews of Surinam (Eighteenth Century), Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews of Curacao (Eighteenth Century), Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews of Jamaica (Died Before 1800), Names of Slaves Belonging to Sephardic Jews in Curacao (Died Before 1800), glossary, notes, works cited, index, remainder mark. Softbound. Very Good.  (65212)      $17.98

 Stock, Ernest. Ha-Tsibur ha-Yehudi Nokhah ha-Antishemiyut ha-Kushit/ American Jewry Confronts Black Anti-Semitism. Jerusalem, the Institute of Contemporary Jewry/ Sprinzak, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1970. Duodecimo, paper covers, 60 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew (18963)     $18.00