Sunday, August 30, 2015

Lesser Known Haggadot

The Hollander Books stock is full of small unknown pieces of Jewish history. Included below are a variety of Haggadot quite unlikely to be on the bookshelf of even the fanatic book collector. Making "Discovery," easier is one of the promises made of online book catalogs and databases. The items below are just the sort of items that these kinds of "discovery" fail to distinguish from others even when they pop up in results. Real bookstores and libraries will always be better than online ones.

The Haggadot

Hagadah shel Pesah. No place, no publisher, no date, c. 1950. Quarto, string-tied edgeworn paper covers, 17 single-sided pp., mimeographed with sections pasted in from secondary sources. Softbound. Good. Text is in English and Hebrew. Dated on the basis of the printing technology and the contents. The sources of the text are pulled together without attribution and are not recognizably specific. The text does not include the full traditional text but does include a Yiddish poem by Warshavski, as well as another (unattributed) entitled, "In Varshever Geto in Hoydesh Nisn." The blessings are absent. Looks socialist to me. (73451)      $20.00

Hagadah shel Pesah. No place, Institut Folk Shul, 1958. Quarto, stapled paper covers, 10 singled sided mimeographed pp., b/w drawings. Softbound. Good. Text is in Yiddish. Probably for use at a model seder at the school. (73458)      $20.00

Goldman, Rachel, prepared by. Tokhnit Seder le-Kitot Alef ve-Bet/ Outline for the Aleph Class Seder. North Hollywood, California, Valley Jewish Community Center and Temple, 1964. Quarto, stapled paper covers, 12 mimeographed singles sided pp. , b/w drawings by Rahel Goldin. Softbound. Good. Text is in English with some Hebrew. A play for the students to perform at the school getting ready for Passover. Worked up from The Passover Haggadah, by Gutstein. (73457)     $20.00

Wolfson, Pearl and Kushnir, Joan. The Hagadah Story for Young Children. Denver, Colorado, The Authors, 1953. Octavo, stapled paper covers,  21 pp., b/w drawings. Softbound. Very Good. Signed by the authors on the title page. Nicely illustrated in fifties style. By young children I hope that they meant at least eight-year olds. Not sure why the songs at conclusion of the seder aren't included as I imagine young children would enjoy them. (30573)     $15.00

Rudin, Jacob P., prepared by. The Haggadah for Children. New York, Bloch Publishing Co., Inc., 1948 [1975]. Later printing. Duodecimo, stapled paper covers with mild wear to the spine, 44 pp., b/w drawings by R[euben] Leaf. Softbound. Very Good-. In Hebrew and English on facing pages. A quick trip through magid, nice illustrations to do with the story of the escape from Egypt. A lengthy section of songs with all of the music. This is more like the children's seder I would want to be at. Reuben Leaf is an under-appreciated talent in both his illustration and his lettering work. Probably the most likely of these Haggadot to be found again.(10016)      $20.00

Horn, Ronnie, written and illustrated by. The Children's Seder. Verona, New Jersey, Ronart Books, 1978. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 34 pp., b/w drawings. Softbound. Very Good. In English and Hebrew. Charming unsophisticated illustrations throughout. Text seems very well suited for use with children. Includes several songs with illustrations accompanying them. (11150).     $10.00

Hagada shel Pesah. No place, Gesher?, 1970s. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 28 pp., in a calligraphic hand and with illustrations that match the calligraphy in style of line. Softbound. Very Good. In Hebrew (30577)  A very nice integration of text and illustration. No specific indication of the author/artist/creator. That the text is entirely in Hebrew is an indication that the source is somewhere in Israel. The dating is based on the quality of the printing.   $25.00

Haggadah for Children. North Hollywood, California, Valley Jewish Community Center and Temple. Religious School, c. mid-1950s. Octavo, stapled paper covers, mimeographed sheets, 29 single-sided pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in English and Hebrew. "...adapted from the 'Haggadah for Young People' by Martha Marenhof, with several ideas introduced by Rabbi Aaron M. Wise." Compared to the other item in the list from Valley Jewish Community Center and Temple this item is rougher in the quality of illustration and in the execution of manufacture. (73447)     $25.00

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