Saturday, March 5, 2016

Holy Land Photo Postcards by The Bonfils firm

The Bonfils family, Félix Bonfils, his wife Lydie Bonfils and later, his son Adrien Bonfils were French photographers who emigrated to Lebanon in 1867. Their work was very popular with the many Holy Land visitors that were already arriving in steadily increasing numbers by the 1860s. They sold original photographs, but their work was distributed most widely in color tinted postcards.
The company ceased operations due to the war in 1917 and possibly simply due to exhaustion. These are offered as a group for $80.00.

Jerusalem - Valley of Jehosaphat
Jericho - General View
 Jerusalem from the Mount Olives
 The Jews Wailing Place, on Friday

This particular view is of great historical importance as it clearly shows women praying at the Wailing Wall freely just as they are no longer allowed to do today. 

 Church of the Annuniciation - Nazareth
 General View of Nazareth
 Nazareth - Mount Tabor
 Ramallah's Women
 Samaria - Mount Tabor
 Second Station [of the Via Dolorosa]
 Jerusalem - Street inside Jaffa Gate
  The Dead Sea
 Jerusalem - Water Carrier
 Rachel's Tomb
Jericho - Elisa's Fountain
Beyrouth - Promenade des Pins

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