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Medical Halakhah.

Various studies on Medical Halakhah from our recent acquisition in Jewish medicine. Some works are general and some are quite specific. There is clearly no consensus on the correct transliteration of the work Halakhah. As opposed to another imminent post that will offer books with more patient oriented texts this selection is primarily of interest to Rabbis, medical professionals and scholars. Quantities vary. All can be ordered through the hollanderbooks website. A full list of our holdings in the area of Jewish Medicine you can find the list here.

Abraham, Abraham S. Comprehensive Guide to Medical Halachah. An Updated and Expanded Edition of  "Medical Halachah for Everyone. A comprehensive guide to Jewish medical law in sickness and health." Jerusalem/ New York, Feldheim Publishers, 1990. ISBN: 0-87306-529-8. Octavo in edgeworn, 248 pp., glossary, index, abbreviations in the Hebrew references, Hebrew bibliography, yellowed paper. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in English with Hebrew.  (82518)     $15.00

Bleich, J. David. Bioethical Dilemmas: A Jewish Perspective. Hoboken, NJ, KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1998. ISBN: 0-88125-473-8. Octavo in dust jacket, xiv, 375 pp., index of Biblical and Talmudic Sources, general index. Hardbound. Very Good.  (82500)      $27.50

Bleich, J. David. Judaism and Healing: Halakhic Perspectives. New York, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., Yeshiva University Press, 1981. ISBN: 0-87068-891-X. Octavo, paper covers, xiv, 199 pp., bibliography, indexes. Softbound. Very Good.  (64113)      $7.95

Bleich, J. David. Time of Death in Jewish Law. New York, Z. Berman Publishing Co., 1991. Octavo in dust jacket, 178, 90 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. With a Hebrew language section at the rear reproducing much of the English text, but not all. (82752)     $24.00

Eidensohn, Daniel, compiled by. Yad Moshe: Index to the Igros Moshe of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZTL. Brooklyn, New York, The compiler, 1987. Quarto, paper covers, 102 pp. Softbound. Very Good.  (82596)     $30.00

Feinstein, Moshe. Responsa of Rav Moshe Feinstein: Translation and  by Moshe Dovid Tendler. Volume 1: Care of the Critically Ill. Hoboken, New Jersey, KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1996.. ISBN: 0-88125-444-4. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards, viii, 213 pp., with the original Hebrew texts. Hardbound. Very Good.  (82499)     $79.95

Feldman, Emanuel and Wolowelsky, Joel B. Jewish Law and the New Reproductive Technologies. Hoboken, New Jersey, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., 1997. ISBN: 0-88125-586-6. Octavo in dust jacket, viii, 186 pp., notes. Hardbound. Very Good. Introduction by the editors. Articles are "Rabbinic Conception of Conception: An Exercise in Fertility," Edward Reichman, "Generation, Gestation and Judaism," Azriel Rosenfeld, "In Vitro Fertilization: Questions of Maternal Identity and Conversion," J. David Bleich, "Ovum Donations: A Rabbinic Conceptual Model of Modernity," Ezra Bick, "Maternal Identity Revisited," J. David Bleich, "Male Fertility: Halakhic Issues in Investigation and Management," Yoel Jacobovits, "Sperm Banking in Anticipation of Infertility," J. David Bleich, "Halakhic Approaches to the Resolution of Disputes Concerning the Disposition of Preembyros," Yitzchok A. Breitowitz. (82759)     $4.95

Freudenthal, Gad, edited and with an introduction by. AIDS in Jewish Thought and Law. Hoboken, NJ, KTAV Publishing House, Inc,, 1998. ISBN: 0-88125-610-2. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards, lxvi, 175 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Articles are "Only a Moral Revolution Can Contain This Scourge," Lord Immanuel Jakobovits, "Memorandum on AIDS," Jakobovits, "Halachic Perspectives on AIDS," Jakobovits, "AIDS: A Traditional Response," Barry Freundel, "AIDS: A Jewish View," Fred Rosner, "AIDS: Jewish Perspectives," Abraham Steinberg, "The Problem of AIDS in a Jewish Perspective," David Novak, "An Analysis of Some Social Issues Related to HIV from the Perspective of Jewish Law and Values," Benjamin Freedman, "Compulsory Testing and Treatment for Aids," Shlomo Deichowsky, "Brit Milah and the Specter of AIDS," Alfred S. Cohen, "Response to AIDS by the Jewish Community," Fred Rosner, "Reform Responsa on AIDS," "Statements on AIDS by Jewish Organizations in the United States." (82513)     $15.00

Halperin, M., edited by. Asya: ma'amarim, tamtsiyot u-sekirot be-inyene halakhah u-refu'ah. Hoveret Mem"bet-Mem"Gimel, Nisan 747 (April 1987), (Kerakh Yud"Alef Hoveret Bet-Gimel)/ Assia: Original Articles, Abstracts and reports on Matters of Halachah and Medicine, No. 42-43, Nissan 5747 (April 1987) (Vol. 11, No. 2-3). Jerusalem, The Dr. Falk Schlesinger Institute for Medical-Halachic Research at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, 1987. Octavo, black cloth with gold lettering, 160 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (82728)     $22.50

Herring, Basil F. Jewish Ethics and Halakhah for Our Time: Sources and Commentary. Volume II. Hoboken, New Jersey, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., Yeshiva University Press, 1989. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards, xxiv, 279 Softbound. Very Good.  (82504)  A third of the volume is devoted to Biomedical ethics.   $27.50

Jakobovits, Immanuel. Dear Chief Rabbi: From the Correspondence of Chief Rabbi Immanuel Jakobovits on Matters of Jewish Law, Ethics and Contemporary Issues 1980-1990. Hoboken, New Jersey, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., 1995. ISBN: 0-88125-471-1. Octavo in dust jacket, xviii, 298 pp., glossary, index. Hardbound. Very Good. Edited by Jeffrey M. Cohen. (18456)     $20.00

Koenigsberg, Mordechai. Halachah & Medicine Today: Selections from Halakhah ve-Refuah. Expects Discuss the Application of Halachah to Contemporary Medical Practice. Jerusalem, Feldheim Publishers and Regensberg Institute Machon Ha-Rav Hershler, Institute for the Advanced Study of Halachah and Medical Problems, 1997. ISBN: 0873067967. Octavo in dust jacket, xii, 261 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Edited by Rabbi Moshe Hershler. Introduction by Oscar A. Novick. Foreword by Eliyahu Rafael Heischerik. Preface by the editor. Articles are "May actions not directly associated with the saving of life be performed on Shabbat on behalf of the critically ill?" R. Ovadia Yosef, "The observant physician and Shabbat," Moshe Feinstein, "The concept of danger to life as it pertains to Shabbat and to fasting on Yom Kippur," Shabtai Avraham Rappaport, "Are Shabbat restrictions set aside to save a fetus?" Moshe Hershler, "Regarding a physician traveling to a sick person on Shabbat," Yehoshua Neuwirth, "Accompanying a patient to the hospital on Shabbat," Chaim Porush, "Treatment of a non-Shabbat observer on Shabbat," Ovadia Yosef and Moshe Feinstein, "Performing Shabbat-prohibited acts by means of a non-Jew," Yehoshua Neuwirth, "On a physician's obligation to consider the patient's own assessment of the seriousness of his illness on Shabbat," Isaac Silberstein, "The patient's feelings as a basis for halachic decisions on Shabbat," Dov Ehrlich, "Taking bloom and giving injections on Shabbat," Aaron Buchman, "Blood tests on Shabbat for neonatal jaundice," Eliezer Judah Waldenberg, "Attaching medical equiptment to patients on Shabbat," Levi Yitzchak Halperin, "Non-permanent writing on Shabbat," Yitzchak Yaakov Weiss, Shlomo Zlaman Auerbach & Levi Yitzchak Halpern, "Issues regarding the use of a microphone and a tape recorded on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Use of a voice-controlled diagnostic computer on Shabbat," Zeev Low, "On the use of fax machines on Shabbat and Yom Tov in hospitals," Zeev Low, "Halachic problems in diagnosing and preventing infection on Shabbat," Meir Isaacson, "Medicines and remedies on Shabbat," Moshe Hershler, "A guide to treating eye disorders on Shabbat," Eliezer Judah Waldenberg, Moshe Hershler, and Elchanan Yedvab, "Medical therapy on Yom Tov," Benjamin Hirschman, "Therapeutic measurements on Shabbat," Moshe Hershler, "Brushing teeth on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Bathing and swimming for paralyzed patients on Shabbat," Joshua Moshe Aronson, "Use of an electric blanket for the sick on Shabbat," Chaim David Regensberg, "Using modern cooking facilities on Shabbat," Yisrael Rosen, "Use of an electric oven for cooking and baking on Yom Tov," Zeev Low, "Use of automatic electric doors on Shabbat," Levi Yitzchak Halperin, "Scheduling an operation within three days of Shabbat," Menachem Mendel Schneerson, "Compensation for medical treatment on Shabbat," Chaim Porush, "Choosing between an observant and a non-observant physician," Moshe Feinstein, "The obligation to save life," Moshe Hershler, "Halachic issues regarding the treatment of kidney failure," Moshe Meiselman, "The Jewish attitude to the deaf," Yitzchak Shapiro, "Moral problems in the treatment of the elderly," Arnold J. Rosen, "Surrogate motherhood," Eliyahu Refael Heisherik. (82755)     $60.00

Levin, Faitel. Halacha, Medical Science and Technology: Perspectives on Contemporary Halacha Issues. New York, Maznaim Publishing Corporation, 1987. Octavo in dust jacket, x, 210 pp. Hardbound. Very Good.  (82776)     $19.95

Roodyn, Paltiel, translated and arranged by. Pathways in Medicine: A Journal of Topics in Medicine in the Spirit of Halacha and Jewish Thought. Netanya, Israel, Kiryat Sanz, Laniado Hospital, 1995. ISBN: 1-56871-060-7. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards, 167 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Preface by Rabbi Meier S. Eisemann. Articles are "The World is Built on Torah Righteousness," Y. Halberstam, "The Torah of Lovingkindness," Halberstam, "Principles of Administration of the Hospital," Halberstam, "The Practice of Medicine Fulfils Hashem's Wishes," Eliyohu Shmuel Schmerler, "Washing a Patient with Hot Waters on the Sabbath," Halberstam, "The Jewish Meaning of Life," Asher Weiss, "Use of Disposable Diapers and Adhesive Plasters on the Sabbath," Chayim Pinchus Scheinberg, "Laniado Hospital as a Torah Institution," Moshe Feinstein, "Five Medical Topics," Feinstein, "Use of a Digital Contact Thermometer on the Sabbath," Eliezer Yehuda Waldenberg," "'Family Planning' according to Jewish Law," Yaakov Landau, "Psychiatry and Religion," Shlomo Wolbe, "Can an Ambulance Return to Its Station on the Sabbath," Israel Zalmanowitz, "The Gynaecological Examination," Shmuel Ha-Levi Wosner, "Inducing Birth for the Sake of Convenience," Menashe Klein, "Taking Medicine on the Sabbath," Chayim David Leifer, "Heart Transplants," Shmuel HaLevi Wosner," "Abortion for an Expectant Mother with German Measles," Meir Bransdorfer, "The Test-Tube and the 'Recipient Mother," Moshe Sternbuch, "Is a Particular Doctor Decreed to Cure a Patient?" Yitchak Zilberstein, "'Why Did You Save My Father's Life?" Yitzchak Zilberstein, "Operating on a Critically Ill Mother to Save a Fetus," Zilberstein, "Violating the Sabbath for One Who Has Deliberately Endangered His Life," Gabriel Zinner, "Abortion in the First Forty Days," Aharon Wieder, "Treating a Patient on Yom Kippur," Shmuel Baruch Werner, "Treatment of Non-Jewish Patients," Moshe Sternbuch, "Jewish Medical Care in Tiberias 1892-1896," Yisoel Freidin, "The Hospital Founded by Rabbu Akiva Eger," Meyer Wunder. (82754)      $15.00

Rosner, Fred, edited by. Medicine and Jewish Law Volume I. Northvale, New Jersey, Jason Aronson, 1993. ISBN: 1-56821-028-0. Octavo, paper covers, xiv, 202 pp., index. Softbound. Very Good.  (59414)      $2.95

Rosner, Fred, edited by. Medicine and Jewish Law Volume II. Northvale, New Jersey, Jason Aronson, 1993. ISBN: 0-87668-574-2. Octavo, paper covers, xiv, 169 pp., index. Softbound. Very Good.  (10102)     $3.95

Rosner, Fred & Tendler, Moshe D. Practical Medical Halachah. Northvale, New Jersey, Jason Aronson, Inc, 1997. ISBN: 0-7657-9990-1. Octavo, paper covers, 188 pp., Listing of Medical Responsa of Rav Moshe Feinstein in His Iggrot Moshe, Bibliography of Medical Halachic Books in English, Glossary of Hebrew Terms and Phrases. Softbound. Very Good.  (15581)     $3.95

Sokol, Binyomin. A Physician's Hospital Manual: Hilchot Shabbat. Chicago, Illinois, Medical Halakha and Jewish Bioethics, Mount Sinai Hospital and Medical Center, 1986. Octavo in dust jacket, vii, 307 pp., footnotes, glossary. Hardbound. Very Good.  (82821)     $24.00

Spero, Moshe Halevi. Judaism and Psychology: Halakhic Perspectives. New York, Ktav Publishing House, Inc., Yeshiva University Press, 1980. ISBN: 0-87068-703-4. Octavo in dust jacket, xvi, 275 pp., notes, glossary of Hebrew terms, index. Hardbound. Very Good.  (37100)     $15.00

Steinberg, Avraham, edited by. European Colloquium on Medical Ethics: Jewish Perspectives. Jerusalem, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, 1989. ISBN: 965-223-711-6. Small octavo, paper covers, 223 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Articles are "The role of choice in mental health and illness," Albert J. Solnit, "Ethical dilemmas in psychiatry," Avraham Steinberg, "Truth and untruth in medical research," Shimon Glick, "Motivation in science," David W. Weiss, "Communication between the physician, the patient and his family," Morris B. Abram, "Communication between the physician and medical staff and the patient and family," Ygal B. Shafran, "The physician's response to terminally ill patients," Jochanan Benbassat, "The Jewish attitude to the dying patient," Immanuel Jakobovits, "Ethical dilemmas in artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization," Elliot E. Philipp, "Artificial insemination and genetic engineering," J. David Bleich. (82767)      $19.95

Steinberg, Avraham, compiled and edited by. Entsiklopedyah hilkhatit refu'it: ha-rofe, ha-holeh veha-refu'ah be-aspaklaryat ha-halakhah u-mahshevet Yisra'el: kolel kol ha-yeda be-khol nos´e ve-inyan bi-tehum ha-refu'ah veha-halakhah min ha-Mikra ve-sifrut Hazal ve-ad la-poskim vela-hokrim be-yamenu be-tosefet havharot, hearot ve-he'arot mi-tehume ha-mada, ha-refu'ah, ha-filosofyah, ha-etikah veha-mishpat/ Encyclopedia of Jewish Medical Ethics. In Six Volumes. Jerusalem, Mekhon Shlezinger le-heker ha-refu'ah al pi ha-Torah le-yad ha-Merkaz ha-refu'i Sha'are tsedek, 1988. Octavos, silver paper covered boards with various colors of lettering on the boards varying by from volume to volume, 316, 24 + 317-740 + xxv pp., 706 columns two to the page, 707-872 pp. + xlvi pp., 642 columns two to the page, 643-812 pp. + xxii pp., 642 columns two to the page, 643-710 pp. + xix, 694 columns two to the page, 695-756 pp., notes and indexes in each volume/ In a red paper covered slip-case. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (82520)      $125.00

Ha-Refu'ah le-or ha-halakhah: mehkarim u-verurim be-nos'im shonim ba-refu'ah she-nidonu be-Talmud Bavli vi-Yerushalmi, be-midreshe Hazal, be-sifre ha-sh. u-t. shel rabotenu ha-rishonim veha-aharonim. Shevuot u-tefilot ha-rofim. Kerakh Sheni. Jerusalem, Makhon le-heker ha-refu'ah ba-halakhah, 1983. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, 130, 55 pp., notes. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. (82530)     $25.00


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