Sunday, October 18, 2015

Small packages...

A group of small books with a lot to say. Other than the Imber they are too big to be considered miniature books, but they are still pretty small. The first of a number of posts generated out of a large accumulations of pamphlets recently acquired. Most are in Hebrew but some are in Yiddish. Those not listed as sold are available through

Ben Nun, Hanah and Helfgot, Yerahmi'el. Mi-ben homot Varshah: mi-yomane halutsim ba-mahteret. Merhavyah, Hostaat Ha-Kibuts Ha-Meuhad, c. 1943. 16mo, paper covers, 83 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5.25 by 3.75 inches. (77611)  An early work on the Warsaw and Lodz ghettos.    Sold

Y. H. B. [Brenner, Joseph Hayyim]. Perudot: kovets sifruti le-kor'im tse'irim (Alef.). Jaffa, Be-Hotsa'at S. Barsky, 1916/7. Short duodecimo, paper covers, 64 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew.6.5 by 4.75 inches. (77320) A literary magazine edited by Brenner. We also have the second issue in stock, but it is a larger format.    $45.00

Broides, Abraham. Ba-tsar. Tel Aviv, Ha-Mishmeret ha-tse'irah le-Mifleget po'ale Erets-Yisrael, 1945. 32mo, paper covers, 48 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 6,25 by 4 inches. (77326)  A collection of poetry. Broides made Aliyah to Mandate Palestine. His writing is full of a fervent idealistic Zionism tempered only partly by his familiarity with Arab opposition and the general difficulties of the Zionist project.    $25.00

Cohen, Aharon. Ha-Tsad ha-sheni shel ha-matbe'a. Jerusalem, Ligah le-hitkarvut ve-shituf Yehudi-Aravi, 1947. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 34 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 4.75 by 3.75 inches.  (77316) A left-leaning argument for rapprochement between Palestinian Jews and Arabs.    $20.00

Hazan, Hayim Aryeh. Neginot: kovets shirim manginim. Mekhil: Shire Bet-Sefer. Shire-Am. Shire-Bimah. Vilna, 1921. 16mo, paper covers, 80 pp., un-cut, yellowed paper. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Song lyrics without music. This item is described as for sale from Herrn Ch. Chazan Hebräisches Gymnasium in WILNO, Litauen and from Mrs. Mary Libert, 605 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, Pa, America.6 by 4.5 inches.  (77621)      $60.00

Imber, Naphtali Herz. Leha-Ivriyah asher shar ha-meshorer ha-nora ba'al "Hatikvah"/ To the Hebrew Language by the Famous Author of Hattikvah. Philadelphia, PA, Yosef Magilnitski, 1907. 64mo, stapled paper cover, 24 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 2.5 by 1.5 inches. (77634)     Sold

Kook, Abraham Isaac. Igeret ha-tohorah; u-Ma'amar Pitse ohev. Me'ah She'arim, Hotsa'at Tal Talpiyot, 1940s. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 20 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. 4.75 by 3.75 inches.  (77635) A short article on the theology of "Love Suffering," a difficult theological concept discussed in Tractate Berakhot.  Sold

Kook, Abraham Isaac. Rosh milin; rishme mahshavah le-midrash ha-otiyot, Ha-Tagin, Ha-Nekudot veha-Te'amim. London, Available from J. Wolpert, 1916/7. 32mo, paper covers, 142 pp., errata. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5.5 by 3.5 inches  (77622) An important work by Rav Kook on repentance. It was published in London where he was serving as a local rabbi. It was his good fortune to be stuck in the UK at the outbreak of the First World War and took a pulpit there to make ends meet.   Sold

Lider: gezungen baym Arbeter Ring ovent Shabos, dem 20-ten Detsember, 1947, Toronto, Kanada. Toronto, Canada, Arbeter Ring, 1947. 32mo, stapled paper covers, 31 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish. 4.75 by 3.75 inches. (77231) A collection of songs sung by the membership of the Workman's Circle. Includes Hirsh Glik's 'Partisan Song.'    $25.00

Neustadt, Mordechai. Shenat hashmadah: (ha-Yahadut u-tenu'atenu ba-tofet ha-Natsit al saf shenat 704)/ The Year of Destruction (The Jews and our Movement under the Nazis at the end of 1943). Tel Aviv, Mifleget po'ale Erets-Yisrael, Detsember, 1943. 16mo, stapled paper covers, 47 pp. Softbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. 6 by 4.5 inches. (78080) Another work present contemporaneous reporting on the Holocaust for the Mandate Palestine audience. These things were known.    $35.00

Rosen, Shelomoh. Mi-tokh ha-mapolet. Tel Aviv, Sifriyat min ha-moked, Am Oved, 1943/4. 16mo, paper covers, 96 pp. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. 5/75 by 4 inches.  (77612) Translated into Hebrew from a Yiddish manuscript by Hayim Tartakover.  A narrative by a Jewish fighter in the Second World War.  $25.00

M. Soloveitchik and A. Smitanah. Ha-Hok al devar va'ade ha-kehilot: ministeriyon le-inyene ha-Yehudim/ Laiinas istatymas is 1920 m. sausio 10 d. apic zydu bendruomeniu tarybu teises apkrauti mokesniasis gyventojus zydus ir instrukcija is 1920 m. kovo 29 d. del tojo istatymo vykdymo tvarkos. With a second cover with title-page in Yiddish: Der Gezetsvegn di Va'ade Ha-Kehilot un di Instruktsye vegn zeyn farvirklikhung fun 29 Merts 1920. Kaunas, Zydu Reikalu Ministretija, 1920. 16mo, stapled paper covers,25 pp. Softbound. Good. Text in Hebrew and Yiddish. 6 by 4 inches. (77619) A constitutional document in multiple languages for Jewish self-governance in Kaunas/ Kovno.    $50.00

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