Friday, October 30, 2015

Pamphlets on Israeli Art

A few small but uncommon items on Israeli Art and Israeli Art Museums. All are uncommon but some are rare. All can be ordered through the website as of the day of posting.

Ha-Tanakh shel Abel Pan. Jerusalem, Hevrat E.Y. le-hotsaot omanutiyot, 1923. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 16 pp., portrait of Pann. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Appears to be a prospectus for Pann's Tanakh. The project was never completed though he did produce some of the work intended to be included in it. Pann and Ze'ev Raban were Boris Schatz's primary associates in the Bezalel enterprise. (78064)     Sold

Muze'on Tel-'Aviv 694/ Museum Tel-Aviv 1934. Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv Museum, 1934. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 24 pp., b/w plates, 2 pages of plans for the museum. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew, English, French and German. Uncommon - only three library holding internationally. The Museum opened in 1932 in Meir Dizengoff's house but the plans that appear in this pamphlet seem to be for a later building. (78318)     $50.00

Narkiss, M. Rekhishot nivharot 1946-1956: shenat ha-yovel le-Betsal'el: Fevruar-Mars 1957/Selected acquisitions 1946-1956: Jubilee year of Bezalel, February - March 1957. Jerusalem, The Israel National Musuem, 1957. Octavo, stapled paper covers, ii, 12, xii, 16, ii pp., b/w plates. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew and English. The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design grew out of the original Bezalel school though Shatz's original vision for the school failed.The Academy has largely relocated to Hebrew University's Har Ha-Tsofim campus with the exceptional of the Architecture school which remains in the beautiful original facility in central Jerusalem. (78303)     $30.00

Shavit, Ami. Ami Shavit: meha-obyekt leha-defes/ Ami Shavit, from the object to the print: Israel Museum, Jerusalem, July, -August, 1972. Jerusalem, Israel Museum, 1972. Squarish octavo, stapled paper covers, 16 pp., with five sheets of transparency showing different layers to combine into a single image. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in English and Hebrew. (78159)      $10.00

Ta'arukhat matsevot bet ha-kevarot ha-Yehudi be-Shidlovtsah (Polin): he'etekim grafiyim ma'ase yede Yotsk Antoni Zelinski ve-Lutsinah Krakovskah: Kislev-Shevat 724, Detsember 1963-Febru'ar 1964/ Exhibition of tombstones of the Jewish cemetery in Szydlowiec (Poland). Graphic Prints by Jacek Antoni Zielinski and Lucyna Krakowska. Kislev - Shevat 5724, December 1963 - February 1964. Tel Aviv, Museum Haaretz, Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, Ginza Section for Jewish Folk Art, 1963. 16mo, stapled paper covers, 32 pp., b/w photos and drawings. Softbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew with an introduction at the rear in Polish. Szydlowiec's Jewish population reached a noticeable level by 1700 and steadily increased into the 20th Century. The Jewish cemetery there was consecrated in 1788 on land granted to the Jewish community by the local count.  (77311)     $25.00

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