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Hungarian and Romanian Hebrew imprints

     Hungary was one of the most culturally diverse Jewish communities in Europe before the holocaust and one of the largest. Romania also had the diverse area of Transnistria as well as the many small Jewish towns on the Carpathian mountains. Our selections from Hungary and Romania are later than those of the other list of Hebrew imprints. However, these communities certainly had their own flavor and they continued on with consistency until the last moment.

Banet, Mordecai ben Abraham. Sefer She'elot u-teshuvot Parashat Mordekhay ... al 'arba'ah helke ha-sh''a. M.-Sziget, Ba-defus shel M. Vider, 1889. Quarto, rebacked in half calf and with marbled paper covered boards, new endpapers, 270 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. This is the first publication of this volume appearing sixty years after Banet's death. I have not seen him called an illui, but his talents were realized when he was quite young. At his Bar Mitzvah his tutor revealed that Banet had already written three commentaries. He was later appointed chief Rabbi of Nicholsburg and Moravia. Sziget became a prominent location for Hebrew printing starting in the 1870s. The community divided into traditional Orthodox and Hasidic elements. This older work would have been of interest to the traditionalist community. (83522)   $95.00

Broda, Abraham ben Solomon Zalman. Sefer Halikhot olam ... dinim fun Shulhan Arukh ... Budapest, Verlag fun M.E. Löwy's Sohn Buchhandlung, 1881. Fierte Bedaytend Ferbesserte Oyflage. Small octavo, soiled blue cloth with gold lettering, fraying at the spine ends, viii, 322 pp. , with a large hand-written note pasted down to the front endpaper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Yiddish. OCLC Number: 163814766. Uncommon in all editions. The second edition with a very similar title page was published in Ungvar, by Karl Jager in 1866. Broda was a student in the Yeshiva of Rabbi Moses Sofer in Pressburg. He later lived in Kleinwardein. He served the community as a rabbi in Nagyberezna. He died in 1882 certainly making this the last edition of this work published in his lifetime. (83517)     $95.00

Deutsch, David ben Menahem Mendel. Sefer Ohel David: hidushim al masekhtot shonot. Ungvar, Palanka [Gedruckt bei K. Jäger's Wittwe], 1867. Quarto, purple cloth spine, maroon paper covered boards with a gold stamped emblem of an Aron Ha-Kodesh on the front board, 128 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Deutsch published a three part work with this title in 1822. This is a posthumous publication of additional material put out by the author's grandson. (83549)     $75.00

Deutsch, Hirsh. Sefer Menahem Tsevi: kolel yoter me-me'ah derushim. Breslau, Hirsh Zultsbakh, 1843. Octavo, marbled paper covers with soiling, no back-strip and slight chipping, 40 pp., repairs at the top open corners with some loss of text to the last half-dozen or so leaves, water-staining, 42 pp., a few torn pages. Softbound. Fair. Text is in Hebrew. Uncommon (83551)     $35.00

Ganzfried, Solomon ben Joseph and Margolioth, Ephraim Zalman ben Menahem Mannes. Sefer Ohale shem: ... be-shem Shem Yosef and Kuntres Aharon. Ungvar, Nidpas a. y. yorshe Carl Jäger, 1878. Quarto, brown cloth spine with a red label and with mildly worn marbled paper covered boards, boards are completely off, 252 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Fair. Text is in Hebrew. The name Ungvar gave way to Uzhhorod or Uzhgorod in the early 20th century. Ganzfried is another genius. He lived his most of his life in Ungvar. He is, of course, best known for the Kitsur Shulkhan Orekh, one of the most enduring works of 19th century Jewry. (83552)     $30.00

Gintsler, Ze'ev Volf. Sefer Toldot Yisra'el: al Sefer Be-reshit: kolel derushim u-filpulim. Kleynvardeyn, A.Y. ben H. Ts. Klain, 1937. Quarto, black cloth spine with traces of a paper label, black paper covered boards, ii, 108 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Uncommon. Gintsler was from a Hasidic rabbinic family. Kleinvardin/ Kisvarda is in the sphere of influence of the Satmar Hasidic dynasty.  (83543)     $75.00

Glazner, Akiva [Glasner, Akiba]. Sefer Dor Dorim: Helek Rishon. Kolel be'ur ... harbeh halakhot ve-sugyot ha-Shas. Cluj, Romania, Tipografia Weinstein & Friedmann, 1934. Quarto, rebacked in green hand-painted paper covered boards, newer endpapers, 223 pp., chip to the final leaf with no loss of text. Hardbound. Very Good-. Text is in Hebrew. Cluj was a very successful Jewish community in Transylvania. It grew from under a thousand people to over thirteen thousand before the Second World War. Jewish education was very strong within the Orthodox and Neolog communites and there was also a Tarbut school. Moshe Carmilly-Weinberger was the last chief rabbi. (83526)      $75.00

Grünwald, Judah. Sefer Yavo Hayim: derashot al ha-Torah u-filpul ve-agadah ...  Two parts in one. Veitzen, Tel Talpiyot, 1917. Quarto, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards, 124, 120 pp.  Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Sate-Mare was always a Hasidic center, but it had moved in that direction under Grünwald's predecessor there. "In 1897, after the death of chief rabbi Benjamin Farkas Mandelbaum, who had founded the community and held it together since 1849, the community split up. Juda Grünwald, a supporter of the Hasidic movement, was elected chief rabbi. As a result, the opposition split off from the Orthodox community and founded a Status Quo (neither Orthodox nor Neolog) community." YIVO encyclopedia. (83518)      $95.00

Haas, Solomon ben Jekuthiel. Sefer kerem Shelomoh: al Even ha-ezer ... Pressburg, Gedrukt bay Frants Edlen fon Shmid und Ya'akov Bosh, 1846. Wide octavo, worn brown leather spine with small handmade paper label with the title types, shelf-worn and edgeworn paper covered boards, 58 leaves (116 pp.). with a poem on the subject at the end, "Shir al Even Ha-Ezer." Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. This was the third of the four parts of Shulkhah Aruch that Haas published commentaries on. "Moravian rabbi of the first half of the nineteenth century. Haas was successively dayyan at Holleschau and rabbi of Strassnitz, Moravia.," Jewish Encyclopedia. He died in 1847. (83556)      $80.00

Hertsel, Avraham Ab. Sefer Sifte hakhamim al masekhet Megilah. Bound with "Sefer Sifte hakhamim al masekhet Berakhot." Bratislava (Pressburg)., Bi-Defus A. Alkalai, 1920/1. Quarto, half black cloth, marbled paper covered boards, 76, 73 leaves [152, 146 pp.] yellowed paper, not perfectly bound in but solid enough. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (83572)     $50.00

Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir. Sefat yeter ... le-hazil rabenu Saadiah gaon be-perusav min ha-hasagot she-hisig alav r. Adonim ha-Levi .../ Sephat Jether: Beleutung dunkler Bibelstellen und R. Saasia's Erklärenungen vertheidigend gegen R. Adonim Levitas von Abraham Aben-Esra dem Spanier. (Aus einer seltenen Handschrift zum ersten Mal gedruckt.). Pressburg, Anton Schmid, 1838. 16mo, rebacked in half soiled black cloth with a hand-written paper label, pink paper covered boards, 47 pp. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Introduction by Meir Letteris. (83784)     $75.00

Kittsee, Hayyim ben Isaac. Sefer Otsar Hayim: sh.u-t. al Shu.a. O.h. ve-Yo.d. Maramarashsiget,, Bi-defus A. Koifman, 1913. Quarto, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards with new endpapers, 248 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Edited by Zakaria´s Schvartz. Kittsee, originally Schlesinger, was an accomplished and prolific Talmudist and a partisan of the traditional wing of the traditional community. (83542)      $75.00

Klein, Yehudah. Minhat Yehuda: kolel hidushe Torah al ha-parshiyot ... Kiskoros, Defus Yitshak Leyb Shvarts, 1940. Octavo, patterned blue cloth with gold lettering, decorative endpapers, title-page printed in blue and gold, 104 pp., photo of the author's gravestone. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew.    A short film on the history of Jewish Kiskoros can be found here: (83520)     $95.00

Loew, Eleazar. Pekudat Elazar: al sugyot ha-Shas u-shu"t. Satmar, Ba-defus shel M.L. Hirsh, 1931. Quarto, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards, 196 leaves [392 pp.] Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew.  A later edition. Loew was active in the late 18th and early 19th century and was recommended for the position of Rabbi of Trest by Banet, the author of the first item above. (83795)     $95.00

Manoah, of Narbonne; Simeon Sidon. Sefer ha-Menuhah: perushim ve-hidushim al ha-Rambam, al hilkhot Hamets u-matsah, u-Shofar, u-Shevitat ha-asor, ve-Sukah ve-lulav. Pressburg, Bi-defus David Levi ve-Avraham Alkala'i, 1879. Quarto, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards, 77 leaves [154 pp.], yellowed paper. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Manoah is an obscure Medieval Provencal scholar. This work was first published in Constantinople in 1718. This edition with the commentary of Sidon is the first such. Sidon edited Manoah's work for publication. This volume was published during Sidon's lifetime. (83796)     $95.00

Miller, Gavri'el ben Hayim. Sefer Shi'ure mitsvot: kolel kol ha-shi'urin, midot, mishkalot, matbe'ot, sha'ot u-zemanim ha-ketuvim ba-Shas u-foski. Pressburg, David Levi ve-shutafo Avraham Alkalai, 1879/80. Octavo, black cloth with the remnants of a red paper label, 35 leaves [70 pp.], yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (83568)      $60.00

Sapir, Yehuda Leibush. Sefer Sha'ar Yehudah asher be-ezrat ha-khonen le-Adam Da'at. M.-Sziget, R. Moshe Tsvi Zikhermann, 1877. Quarto, rebacked in half calf and with marbled paper covered boards, new endpapers, title page professional repaired, xxiv, 172, 36 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. An uncommon work. (83523)     $95.00

Sofer, [Schreiber] Abraham Samuel Benjamin Wolf. Hidushe ketav sofer al masekhet Gitin. Munkacs, Blayer & Korn, 1896. Quarto, rebacked in half calf and with marbled paper covered boards, new endpapers, iv, 126 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Abraham Samuel Benjamin was the son of the Chasam Sofer and succeeded him as the Rabbi of Pressberg. He died in 1871. Though published posthumously this was the first edition. The work has been republished many times since. (83524)     $95.00

Vezel, Kalev Faivel.  Sefer Kiryat sefer: al hamishah humshe Torah: kolel hidushim be-ve'ure mikra'ot u-midreshe Hazal. Helek Rishon: Sefer Bereshit. Helek Sheni: Sefer Shemot. Des, Ya'akov Goldshtain, 1904. Octavo, soiled mauve cloth spine with a worn hand-written paper spine label, black cloth covered boards, 206, 207-491 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (83519)     $50.00


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