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Sudilkov and other eastern european imprints

       Sudilkov is a town located in the Ukraine in Kamenets-Podolski region. Is is near Polnnoye. Sudilkov was a lesser brother in printing in the area to the Slavita printers. Several of the impressions below were issued by D. Madpis, the most prolific of Sudilkov printers. The Sudilkov press was strong on the reissue of classics and essential works. One of the main products of Jewish Sudilkov was Talesim. Also included below are a few items from Warsaw, Vilna and Polnnoye.
       This is the last of our posts of older Hebrew imprints for now. 

Abraham ben Jehiel Michal Danzig. Sefer Zikhru Torat Mosheh : kolel kol hilkhot Shabat be-kitsur nimrats : ... ve-hu kitsur mi-Sefer haredim kolel kol minyan ha-mitsvot asher tsivah Mosheh ... [Vilna], 1820/1. 16mo, marbled paper covered boards, significant loss to the head and foot of the spine, minor edgewear, 96 pp.  Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. First edition of this work published in the year of the author's death. Danzig was the great codifyer of the Halakhah that appeared after Joseph Karo's Shulkhan Arukh. This work was a smaller extract from his larger works. It discusses the labors prohibited on the Sabbath. Danzig's works were reissued frequently in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. (83539)     $125.00

Ashkenazi, Zevi Hirsch ben Jacob . Sefer She'elot u-teshuvot Hakham Tsevi: ve-hidushim u-ve'urim me-hiburav shel Tsevi Ashkenazi ... ben Ya'akov. [Sudylkow], Aleksandr Pavelvitsh, [1825]. Quarto, quarter leather worn through in many places and chipped at the spine ends, printed paper covered boards with wear at the corners, 112 pp. Hardbound. Good-. Text is in Hebrew. (83553)     $95.00

Bacharach, Jair Hayyim ben Moses Samson. Sefer She'elot u-teshuvot Havot Ya'ir : teshuvot ... Sudylkov, Yitshak ben Eliezer, 1834. Quarto, hand-painted paper covered boards, 104, 104 pp. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. (83554)     $95.00

Horowitz, Abraham ben Shabbetai Sheftel. Sefer Emek berakhah: dinim u-te'amim al birkat ha-nehenin u-virkat ha-tefilot... Sudilkov, R. Yitshak Madpis, 1834. Octavo, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards, 120, 130 pp., minor soiling to a few pages, cut down in the rebinding process with minor loss at the open edge in the first part of the volume. Hardbound. Fair. Text is in Hebrew. "Emek Berakhah ... is mainly a halakhic exposition of the benedictions for enjoyments, prayers and prayer ritual.," Encyclopedia Judaica. (83521)     $60.00

ibn Abi Zimra, David ben Solomon. Shut ha-Radbaz. Helek Shevi'i. Warsaw, Mordekhai Kalinberg, 1882. Small quarto, black cloth spine with the remnants of paper labels, marbled-paper covered boards, 54 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Zimra was born in Spain but lived much of his life in Safed. He published many works of Hebrew literature and Kabbalah but his Halakhah was very important. It was all published after his lifetime and the first complete edition didn't appear until the first half of the nineteenth-century. (83789)

Isserles, Moses ben Israel. Sefer Sh. u-t. Rama. Sudilkov, R. Yitsshak Madpis, 1835. Quarto, black leather with gold lettering, with wear at the base of the spine and minor wear and a few scuffs to the boards, marbled endpapers, 41, 21-36, 29-44 leaves. A blue paper edition though the tint is faded more or less in part of the run. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Pagination is confusing. The work is edited for publication by Solomon ben Jehiel Luria; Aryeh Loeb Loewenstamm and Shemaryah ben Ya'akov. (83525)     $125.00

Isserles, Moses ben Israel. Sefer Minhat Ya'akov: ve-zot Torat ha-hatat veha-minhah veha-shelamim: hu perush nehmad ve-harif ... al sefer "Torat hatat she-hiber Mosheh Iserles mi-Kraka. Bound with Sefer Minhat Shelamim: Helek Sheni." Polnnoye, 1805. Folio, brown leather spine with a red label near the top, leather worn at the ends, splitting from the boards without having separated from them, edgeworn patterned paper covered boards, 118, 60 pp. Hardbound. Good-. Text is in Hebrew. "Sefer Minhat Shelamim: Helek Sheni," has a second title-page. (83544)     $125.00

Judah, ha-Levi [Yehudah Halevi]. Sefer ha- kuzari: yasado ha-hakham ha-haver Rabi Yitshak Sangari z. l. ... Sudilkov, Nidpas etsel R. Yitshak Madfis, 1833. Royal octavo, rebacked in hand-painted paper covered boards with new endpapers laid-in, i, 164 leaves [ii, 328 pp.], title and place are printed in red ink, paper is a faint green that might be the trace of this having been a blue paper edition. Hardbound. Good. Translated into Hebrew by Yehudah ibn Tibon. Yitshak Sangari is the probably legendary figure responsible for the conversion of the Khazars described in the Kuzari. (83565)     $250.00

[Luria, Isaac] Kalmankes-Jaffe, Abraham ben Aryeh Loeb. Ma-ayan ha-hakhmah: mi-kitve Yitshak Lurya. Includes a second work (as published) "Sefer Shever Yosef," by Israel Sarug. Korzek, Drukeray fun Yohn Anton Kriger, 1784. Octavo, rebacked in marbled paper covers, lacking the title page, 38 leaves (72 pp.) Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Hebrew. Kalmankes-Jaffe was "born at Uman about 1640; died at Frankfort-on-the-Oder after 1702." This is a small work editing Isaac Luria words. Sarug was a "Cabalist of the sixteenth century. A pupil of Isaac Luria, he devoted himself at the death of his master to the propagation of the latter's cabalistic system, for which he gained many adherents in various parts of Italy." Encyclopedia Judaica. (83540)     $395.00

Markus, Mordecai Zebi ben Benjamin . Sefer Mafteah ha-agadot mi-kol ha-Shas. Vilna, Almanah veha-Ahim Rom, 1880. Duodecimo, black cloth spine with wear, worn marbled apper covered boards, 200, 24 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound. Good. Text is in Hebrew. Including an additional shorter work, "Igeret le-kets ha-yamin : kol mevaser ve-omer: derush matai yathil kabalat ha-Shabat ... u-vi'at Meshihenu,"  Hayyim ben Joseph Vital; Ya'akov Goldzweig, Pieterkov, Bi-defus A. Vizengarten, 1905. (83793)     $50.00  


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