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Publications of Israel London. Checklist - Three.

Publications of Israel London. Checklist - Three. 

If you have not started with Checklist - One you might want to start there. 

This final post of the checklist includes sections D and E. Section D is vastly augmented over David Mazower's original list. This may not really be the most interesting group of books for the Yiddishist bibliophile, but it does contain some hints as to what sort of customers Israel London had to keep him in business. Many of the titles listed in section D are offprints from various Jewish scholarly periodicals. It is fair to assume that if Marstin was printing the offprints he was also printing the journals themselves. He also printed pamphlets for consularly sponsored art exhibits, the Carnegie Foundation and the United Nations. Having a decent stable of these institutional clients would have paid for a lot of Yiddish language publishing.

Section E that closes the checklist still needs some work. Over time I hope to track down more of these items. I hope to look through the Album by Uriel Birnbaum at the rare books room at Stanford University some time soon and am still looking for my own wayward copy of Toyt Tsiklus by Melech Ravitch. These books are all small and delicate which aids in their disappearance and rarity.

D: Titles in languages other than Yiddish

Asbjørnsen, Peter Christen and Moe, Jørgen Engebretsen.  Exhibition of original illustrations by Erik Werenskiold and Th. Kittelsen for the Norwegian Folk Tales of P. Chr. Asbjörnsen and Jörgen Moe. "Sponsored by the American-Scandinavian Foundation and the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Washington, D.C."   New York : Marstin Press, [1955?]. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 19, [1] pp. b/w illustrations.

Braham, Randolph L. The Hungarian Jewish catastrophe: a selected and annotated bibliography. New York, Yivo Institute for Jewish Research and Yad Washem, 1962. [Printed by the Marstin Press]. Joint documentary projects. bibliographical series, no. 4. Quarto in dust jacket, xxv, 86 pp.

Carmichael, Joel.  The Eichmann Case: Reactions in West Germany. New York, Marstin Press, 1961. Reprint from Midstream, Summer, 1961. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 19 pp.
Chyet, Stanley F. Aaron Lopez: A Study in Buenafama. New York : Marstin Press, June 1963.  "Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarter, vol. LII, no. 4, (June, 1963)."  Octavo, stapled paper covers,  295-309 pp.

Corre, A.D. Heroes, heretics and hidalgos. New York, New York, Marstin Press, Sephardic House, [1966?]. "Reprinted from Jewish social studies, Vol. XXVIII, No. 2 (April 1966)." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 99-108 pp.

de Basil, W. and Hurok, Sol. S. Hurok presents Ballets Russes de Monte-Carlo: Programme contenant les résumés des ballets Contes russes, Les présages, Le Tricorne, Prince Igor, La boutique fantasque, La concurrence, Beach, Scuola di Ballo, Union Pacific, Petroushka, Le Beau Danube, Les Sylphides, Le mariage d'Aurore. Ballet russe de Monte Carlo. New York Marstin Press, no date. Quarto, stapled paper covers, 36 pp. b/w and color illustrations.

Eckardt, Arthur Roy.  The Jewish-Christian Encounter: Six Guidelines for a New Relationship. New York, Marstin Press, 1968. From the "Central Conference American Rabbis Journal," June, 1968. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 22-30 pp.

Eisenstein, Ira. A Guide to Jewish Ritual. New York: Reconstructionist Press [Printer: Marstin Press], 1962. [not seen.]

Frankenthaler, Helen; Emmerich, André and O'Hara, Frank.  An exhibition of oil paintings by Frankenthaler, January 26th, March 2nd, 1960, the Jewish Museum of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. New York, Jewish Museum, 1960. [New York : Marstin Press, 1960]. Royal octavo, stapled paper covers, 17, [3] pp., b/w illustrations. [Preparation by Frank O'Hara and Mr. and Mrs André Emmerich ; photographs of the paintings, Rudolf Burckhardt].

Gar, Joseph. Bibliography of Articles on the Catastrophe and Heroism in Yiddish Periodicals/ Bibliografie fun Artiklen Vegn Khurban un Gevurah in Yidisher Periodike. New York, YIVO/ Yad Vashem, 1966-1969. Small quarto in dust jacket, x, 340 pp., indexes. Joint Documentary Projects Bibliographical Series No. 10. 5717 articles. [Printed by the Marstin Press]. 

Geffen, Joel S. America in the First European Hebrew Daily Newspaper Ha-Yom (1886-1888). New York, [Marstin Press], 1962. Reprint from: American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol. 51, No. 3, (1962). Octavo, stapled paper covers, 149-167 pp.

Glanz, Rudolf. Jews in relation to the cultural milieu of the Germans in America up to the eighteen eighties. New York, R. Glanz, 1947. (New York : Marstin Press). "Translated ... from the Yivo Bleter, Journal of the Yiddish Scientific Institute--Yivo, Vol. XXV, Nos. 1 and 2." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 55 pp.

Hosmer, Charles Bridgham. The Levys and the Restoration of Monticello. New York : Marstin Press, [1964?]. Reprinted from: American Jewish Historical Quarterly, vol. LIII, no. 3 (March, 1964). Octavo, stapled paper covers, 219-252 pp.

Houston, John A. Latin America in the United Nations. United Nations Study no. 8, Carnegie Endowment for World Peace. New York, [Marstin Press, Inc.], 1956. 345 pp., diagrams.

Institute for Mediterranean Affairs: About the structure and the aims of the Institute. New York, Marstin Press, [1967?]. Octavo, 14 pp. 

Karp, Abraham J. What's American about American Jewish History: The Religious Scene. New York : Marstin Press, [1963?]. "Reprinted from: American Jewish historical quarterly vol. LII, no. 4 (June, 1963)." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 283-294 pp.

Karp, Abraham J. Solomon Schechter comes to America. New York, N.Y.,  Marstin Press, [1964?]. Reprinted from American Jewish historical quarterly Vol. LIII, No. 1 (September, 1963). Octavo, stapled paper covers, 62 pp. 

Kirk, Rudolf and Kirk, Clara Marburg. Abraham Cahan and William Dean Howells: The Story of a Friendship. [New York, 1962]. Reprinted from: American Jewish historical quarterly, vol. LII, no. 1 (September, 1962). Imprint on back cover: Printed in the United States of America by Marstin Press, Inc. ... New York, N.Y. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 27-57 pp. b/w plate.

Kohn, Solomon Joshua. David Naar of Trenton, New Jersey. [New York, N.Y., Printed by Marstin Press, 1964]. "Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol. LIII, No. 4 (June, 1964)." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 373-395 pp., b/w illustrations.

Lifschuts, Ezekiel. Yiddish autobiographies as a source of American Jewish History. New York, [By Marstin Press], 1964. Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Vol. 8, No 3, 1964. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 253-263 pp.  

Medical Problems Associated with Addiction to Opioid Drugs. New York, N.Y. : Printed by Marstin Press, 1966.  "Off-Print from The International Journal of the Addictions, January, 1966." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 50-61 pp. 

Melohs, Charles. The M. Lynn Laskin collection of paintings and drawings by Charles Melohs: Paintings and drawings by Charles Melohs in the collection of M. Lynn Laskin. Charleston, West Virginia. [New York? : s.n., 1950's?]  "Marstin Press, Inc." 16 x 24 cm, illustrated. 

Melohs: Dec. 19, 1955-Jan. 19, 1956. [Catalog of the exhibition]. New York, Imago Gallery, 1955. [Printed by the Marstin Press]. Unpaginated, 15 illustrations.

Morgenstern, Julian. What are we Jews?  [New York : Printed by Marstin Press, 1965]. Off-print from Central Conference American Rabbis Journal, October, 1965. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 18-24 pp.

Nasatir, Abraham Phineas and Shpall, Leo. The Texel Affair. [New York, Printed by Marstin Press, 1963?] Extract from American Jewish historical quarterly, v. 53. Octavo, paper covers, 43 pp. 

Robinson, Jacob and Friedman, Philip.  Announcing the publication of "A Guide to Jewish History Under Nazi Impact."  [New-York, Marstin Press, 1960.]      14 pp. Probably a perspectus for the Guide which was published.

Robinson, Jacob and Friedman, Philip. A Guide to Jewish History Under Nazi Impact.   New York, Yivo Institute and Yad Vashem, 1960. [New-York, Marstin Press, 1960.] With forewords by Benzion Dinur and Salo W. Baron. Bibliographical series / Joint Documentary Projects, 1. Quarto in dust jacket, xxxi, 425 pp.

Rontch, Isaac. Jewish Youth at War: Letters from American Soldiers. New York, Marstin Press, 1945. 304 pp., b/w illustrations.

Salute to the wounded: thanks folks - for everything. Program for a benefit show held on January 9, 1945 to raise money for the care and rehabilitation of wounded soldiers for the Chaplain's Fund of Halloran General Hospital, Mitchell Field Hospital, St. Albans Naval Hospital, the U.S. Marine Hospital of the Port of N.Y. and Mason General Hospital. The program includes brief biographical essays about army chaplains and wounded soldiers, and on the roles played by members of the U.S. Chaplain Corps, the Merchant Marine, and the Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America in winning World War II. New York , N.Y., Marstin Press, [1945?]. 48 unnumbered pages, illustrations.

Steinbach, Alan A., edited by. Jewish Book Annual Volume 25. 5728 - 1967/1968. New York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1967. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, xvi, 430 pp., a few b/w photos. Softbound. Very Good. Articles are "Shmuel Yosef Agnon: A Resolution," "Nelly Sachs: A Resolution," Introduction," A. Alan Steinbach, "Hebrew Authors and Holy Writings: A Miscellany," compiled by Agnon, "Shmuel Yosef Agon - Lyricist of Modern Fiction," Judah Stampfer, "S.Y. Agnon: Alienation and Return," Naftali C. Brandwein, "S.Y. Agnin's Works in English Translation: A Selected Bibliography," Jacob Kabakoff, "Nelly Sachs - Nobel laureate," Steinbach, "The Tribune of the Golus," Maurice Samuel, "French-Jewish Writers: An overview," Lothar Kahn, "The Future of Yiddish and Yiddish Literature," Isaac Bashevis Singer, "Famous Jewish Book Collections and Collectors," C. Roth, "The Rise of the Jewish Book in American Publishing," Charles A. Madison, "The YIVO Library," Dina Abramowicz, "JWB's Role in American Jewish Cultural Life," Bernard Postal, "Aaron Galntz-Leyeles 1889-1966," Sol Liptzin, "Abraham Yaari," 1899-1966," G. Kressel (In Hebrew), Jewish-American Imaginative Writings in the Last Twenty-Five Years," Charles Angoff, "Reflections on American Jewish Writers," Joseph C. Landis, "Scholarly Works on Jewish Philosophy and Religion," Jospeh L. Blau, "Books on the History and Philosophy of Jewish Education," Samuel M. Blumenfield, "Recent Literature on Jewish Art: A Critical Appraisal," Joseph Guttmann, "Books on Biblical History and Archaeology, 1960-1966," Harry M. Orlinsky, "A Survey and Evaluation of Yizkor Books," Elias Schulman, "American Jewish Juvenile Literature During the Past Twenty-Five Years," Sophia N. Cedarbaum, "A Quarter Century of American Hebrew Letters," Jacob Kabakoff, "Yiddish Prose in America," Shlomo Bickel, "Saul Tscherichowsky: Panaramic Poet," Eisig Silberschlag, "Pioneers in Jewish History of Poland: Meir Balaban and Isaac Shipper," Julian Hirshaut (In Yiddish), The Literary Work of Naftali Tzvi Yehudah Berlin," A.R. Malachi (In Hebrew), "Eisig Meir Dick," Mordecai Kosover, (In Yiddish), "The Contribution of Shelomoh Yehudah Rapoport to Jewish Studies," Isaac E. Barzilay (In Hebrew), "Jewish Literary Anniversaries, 1968," Theodore Wiener, "American Jewish Non-Fiction, 1966-67," I. Edward Kiev, "American Jewish Juvenile Fiction Books, 1966-67," Harold U. Ribalow, "Jewish Juvenile Books, 1966-67," Sophia N. Cedarbaum, "American Hebrew Books, 1966-67," Theodore Weiner, (In Hebrew), "Yiddish Books, 1966-67," Dina Abramowicz (In Yiddish), "Anglo-Jewish Books, 1966-67," Elizaebth E. Eppler, "Selected Books of Israel, 1966-67," Ahi Sefer, (In Hebrew), Winners of 1966 Literarty Awards of the Jewish Book Council of America," Recipients of Library Citations in 1967,"  and "A Chronicle of the Jewish Book Council of Ameirca," Philip Goodman.

Tobias, Thomas J. The Cemetery We Rededicate. New York, Marstin Press, 1964[?] "Reprinted from American Jewish Historical Quarter, vol. LIII, no. 4, (June, 1964)." Octavo, stapled paper covers, 352-370 pp., b/w illustrations.

Tobias, Thomas J. The Many-sided Dr. De La Motta. New York, Marstin Press, 1963. Reprinted from: American Jewish historical quarterly, vol. LII, no. 3, March, 1963. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 200-219 pp., b/w illustrations. 

The Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations. New York: Worldmark Press, 1960.  XXXI, 1456 pp., b/w illustrations.

Venturi, Lionello. Marc Chagall. New York, Pierre Matisse Editions, 1945.  Small quarto, paper covered boards, 47 pp., LXIV pp., b/w plates. A numbered limited edition.

Weiser, Benno [Varon]. Visitenkarte / Gedichte. New York, 1957 (in German). Poesía alemana -- Siglo XX. 41 pp. 

Wint, Guy. South Asia: Unity and Disunity. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. [New York Marstin Press] 1954. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 131-191 pp., map.

Wischnitzer, Arnold. Crypto-Jews in Mexico during the Sixteenth Century. New York, NY Marstin Press 1962. Offprint from Jewish Historical Quarterly 51, Part 3, (1962). Octavo, stapled paper covers, 168-213 pp.

Yad Washem Remembrance Authority of the Disaster and Heroism. Yivo Institute for Jewish Research. Joint Documentary Projects. Announcing the Bibliographical Series. Yivo Institute for Jewish Research; Yad Vashem Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority (Jérusalem). New York, Marstin Press, 1960. Octavo, stapled paper covers, 32 pp.

E: The original Der Kval.

Ben-Yakoṿ, M. Yanḳev Dinezon: a sḳitse fun zayn leben un shafen.  Ṿarshe, Lemberg, Vin, Der ḳṿal, [1919?].

Uriel Birnbaum. Album; tsaykhnungen tsu: Yitsḥak Leyb Perets, Yaʻakov Dinezohn, Mendele Mokher Sefarim, Sholem Aleykhem, Shimʻon Shemuʼel Frug. Vin, Der Kval Farlag, 681 [1920/21]. A portfolio of drawings.

Frug, S. G. Sh.Sh. Frug: a sḳitse fun zeyn leben un Shafen.  Ṿin, "Der Ḳṿal", [192-?]. Images courtesy of Stanford University Libraries.

Gross-Zimerman, Moshe. Mendele Moykher Sforim : fragmenṭen ṿegen zayn liṭerarisher perzenlikhḳayṭ. Ṿin: Der ḳṿal, [1920]. Images courtesy of Stanford University Libraries from a xeroxed reproduction. 

Melekh Khmielnitsḳi. Oyf a shṭiler sṭeshḳe.  Ṿin: Der ḳṿal, 1921.

David Konigsberg. Hunderṭ soneṭen. Ṿin, Ḳṿal-farlag, 681 (1920 or 1921).

Yosef Hilel Leṿi. Frume gezangen: un andere lider. Warsaw, Farlag "Der Kval", 1920. Octavo, blue cloth spine, printed paper covered boards, 48 pp.

Isaac Joel Linetzky. Dos Poylishe yingel. M Zilburg. Ṿin, Der Kṿal, 1921. Image courtesy of David Mazower.

Melech Ravitch. Shpinoza: poeṭisher pruv ...: der mensh, dos ṿerḳ ... Ṿin: Der Kṿal Farlag, Ḳoʹoperaṭivʻe opṭeylung "Ḳriṭiḳ", 1921.

Melech Ravitch; Ber Horovic. Ṭoyṭ tsiḳlus.  Ṿin, Ṿarshe, Lemberg, "Der Ḳṿal", [1919 or 1920].
Melech Ravitch. Nakete lider.  Vienna, Der Kval-Farlag, 1921. Duodecimo, illustrated paper covered boards, 191 pp., yellowed paper. Hardbound.  Text is in Yiddish. Delicate and uncommon. Includes the familiar Der Kval insignia on the half-title page.

Zalman Shneour. Fun dem zeydns ḳṿal.  Berlin, Klal-farlag, 1922. 

Moses Silburg. Y.L. Perets: kharaḳṭer-shṭrikhen. Ṿin, Der ḳṿal, [1919]  


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