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Publications of Israel London. Checklist - Two

Publications of Israel London. Checklist - Two. 

If you have not started with Checklist - One you might want to start there. Titles with prices listed can currently be purchased from hollanderbooks.com. For other please feel free to inquire.

C. Other Yiddish books printed by the Marstin Press. Additions to David Mazower's list are indicated by an asterix before the author's name.

 Algemeyne entsiklopedye [General Encyclopaedia]. Ershter band, Pariz, Dubnov fond, 1934 [Imprimerie d'Art Voltaire, Directeur: Israel London]; tsveyter band, Pariz, Dubnov fond, 1935 [Imprimerie Centrale Cooperative, Directeur: Israel London]; driter band, Pariz: dubnov fond, 1936 [I.C.C., Directeur: Israel London]; ferter band, Pariz, dubnov fond, 1937 [Imprimerie Centrale Commerciale; Directeur: Israel London]. Note: the "finfter band, New York: Dubnov fond un tsiko, 1944" was printed by Grenich Printing Corp. This was the last volume of the alphabetically ordered encyclopaedia, which was followed by the series of seven Yidn volumes, alef - zayen, which appeared from 1939 to 1966 in Paris and New York. Title page of the second Paris volume illustrated above.

Bomze, Nokhem. A khasene in harbst: lider [A Wedding in Autumn: Poems]. Illustrated by Yude Tofl [Jehuda (Jennings) Tofel]. New York, A Committee of Writers with the help of the David Ignatov Literatur-Fund, 1949. Octavo, red cloth boards with silver lettering over a blue cloth spine with gold lettering, frontispiece drawing by Mark Reif dated 1939, 142 pp., b/w drawings by Tofel.  $20.00

  This illustration by Tofel appears opposite page 40. Tofel's illustrations and his wavy typeface appeared in Yiddish books from the early 1920s.

Glatshteyn, Yankev. Fun mayn gantsen mi: 1919 - 1956 [From All My Labour; collected Poems 1919 - 1956]. Illustrated by Ilya Schor. New York [no publisher given; printed by Marstin Press], 1956. Quarto, tan cloth with black printed panels on the spine and front board, 394 pp., with drawings by Ilya Schor. The second image shows one of the illustrations and the style of page lay-out that appeared in this Marstin volume as well as several others. Images provided courtesy of Stanford University Libraries.

Goldshteyn, Ab. Fish-fang / fartseykhenungen fun a fish-fang libhober (Fishing / Notes of a Lover of Fishing). New York, [no publisher; printed by Marstin Press], 1951. Small octavo, wide buckram cloth covered spine with red lettering, red cloth covered boards, 160 pp.

Grinberg, Eliezer [Greenberg, Eliezer]. Baynakhtiker dialog [Night Dialogue]. Illustrated with drawings by Ilya Shor. New York, Farlag "Getzeltn", 1953. Quarto, quarter olive cloth with green lettering and marbled paper covered boards with yellow lettering, 80 pp., a few vignettes by Ilya Schor who also was the creator of the lettering used on the front board and title page splash. $40.00

*Heilik, S. Dos Lebedike Folk: Undzer Alte un Naye Geshikhte/ The Indestructible People: Our Old and New History. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Perets-Farlag Ink., 1974. Octavo, yellow cloth with red lettering, color frontispiece photo, 400 pp., b/w and color photos and drawings.      $25.00
The frontispiece photo has the author posed by the side of the grave of Scholem Aleichem's father's grave in Winnipeg. The lettering is added clumsily to make the difficult to read inscriptions legible. Also shown above is one of the many hand-drawn and lettered maps. This volume was produced for use in Winnipeg Yiddish school.

Kazdan, Khayem-Shloyme. ed. Lerer yisker bukh / di umgekumene lerer fun tsisho shuln in poyln [Teachers Memorial Book / the Murdered Teachers of the Tshisho Schools in Poland]. New York, Komitet tsu fareybikn dem ondenk fun di umgekumene lerer fun di tsisho shuln in poyln, 1954. Quarto, grey cloth with black lettering, 566 columns, b/w photos title page illustrated by Khayim Gros [Chaim Gross]. $60.00

Leksikon fun der nayer yidisher literatur. 8 volumes. New York, Alveltlekher Yidisher Kultur Kongress [Congress of Jewish Culture], 1956-1981. Volumes 1 - 7 were printed by Marstin Press, Inc., New York / I. London, President; Vol. 7 appeared in 1967. Vol. 8 "Printed in the United States of America / New York 1981" does not specify the printer. Lettering on the title page is provided by Saul Raskin. 

Liberman, Khayim. Ven di velt hot gebrent: 1939 - 1946 [When the World Was Afire: 1939 - 1946]. 2 Volumes. New York, Farlag Forverts aroysgegeben durkh dem H.L. Bukh-Komitet, 1948. Octavos, tan cloth with tan lettering against red bordered blue panels, 541 + 596 pp., subscribers list. This was issued with dust jackets which I have seen but do not currently have access to. $60.00

Manger, Itsik, Lid un Balade [Songs and Ballads]. New York, Marstin Press for Itsik Manger Komitet, 1952. Octavo, black cloth spine and a black cloth cameo on the front board over floral paper covered boards, 498 pp., title page illustration by Chaim Gross and wood cut illustrations by Ilya Schor, B. Kopman, Shlomo Lehrer, Y. Tofel and Yitshak Lichtenstein. The compilation was prepared by London himself. The committee that worked on the book was headed by Abraham Reisen, S. Niger, N. Khanin, L. Segal and Jacob Pat. With an afterword written for this collection by Manger at the rear. (see Manger's acknowledgement of Israel London in his afterword). In David Mazower article he mentions the existence of special editions of Israel London's publications. Below are illustrations provided by David that show details of one of these rare special editions. There is also at least one additional less expensive variant binding printed the Marstin Press. Y.L. Peretz Farlag in Tel Aviv also issued a reprint edition in the 1970s.

The cover of the deluxe edition is full cloth and the cameo of Manger is fuller, projecting outwards strongly. The special edition colophon from the verso includes an roman alphabet inscription by Manger. The recipient or London has added her name. The title page is printed with the illustration and lettering in red. This use of color in a special or first edition is a well set precedent. It was used by the Romm's for their first editions of the Talmud and by Saul Raskin for the first editions of his large illustrated volumes. 

Mani-Leyb, [Mani Leib]. Lider un baladn [Poems and Ballads]. New York, CYCO, 1955. Two Volumes. Octavos, soiled tan cloth spine with blue and red cloth covered boards, title-page photos of the author, 341 + 354, 29 pp., Mani Leib bibliography by Efrim Jeshurin at the rear of the second volume on a tan paper stock distinct from the paper stock of the main portion of the volume. Above is illustrated [after the cover of Volume One] the title pages of both volumes with the different photos of the author. $50.00

Pat, Yankev [Pat, Jacob]. Shmuesn mit yidishe shrayber [Chats with Yiddish Writers]. New York, published by the author [printed by Marstin Press], [1954]. Octavo in creme cloth with gold lettering against a blue panel, 291 pp., duotone photos. $25.00

 Rontsh, Yitskhok-Elkhonen [Rontch, Isaac E.]. Amerike in der yidisher literatur [America in Yiddish Literature]. New York, Y.-A. Rontsh bukh-komitet, 1945. Octavo, blue cloth with gold lettering, 256 pp., bibliography. $25.00

Rubinshteyn, Yoysef. Megilas rusland [Scroll of Woe of a Polish Jew in Russia]. New York, CYCO, tasha"kh [1960/1961]. Octavo, tan cloth with black lettering over a red cloth spine with black spine lettering, 256 pp., title-page, lettering and drawings by Ezekiel Schloss, two drawings by Yonia Fain. $40.00 signed. $30.00 unsigned.
The portrait of Rubinstein appears after the verso. The Yoni Fayn illustrations appears opposite page 76.  
Rubinshteyn, Yoysef. Nakht oyf nalevkes [A Night on Nalewki Street]. New York: Yidish kultur-klub in boston mit der hilf fun dovid ignatov literatur-fond, 1949. Octavo, black cloth spine with gold lettering and off-white cloth boards with black lettering, 192 pp., frontispiece by M. Reif, b/w drawings by Reif and Abraham Volkovitsh. $30.00
Mendel Reif created the frontispiece illustrated following the verso. Yuhudah Tofel created the device on the title page and the lettering for the title page and cover. Abraham Volkovitsh provided the in-text drawings at the beginning of the chapters.  

Rubinshteyn, Yoysef. Yetsiyes eyrope [Exodus from Europe]. New York, 1970 Octavo, tan cloth with black lettering over a green cloth spine gold lettering, 287 pp., b/w illustrations by Ezekiel Schloss, index. [Published posthumously at the Marstin Press by Israel London's son, Alex London.] 
Another photo of Rubinstein. 

*Rubinstein, Joseph. Hurbn Poyln/ Polish Jewry - A Lament. New York, CYCO Bicher Farlag, 1964. Octavo, tan cloth over a blue cloth spine, 256 pp., title-page, lettering and drawings by Ezekiel Schloss.      $30.00

Shvayd, Mark. Treyst mayn folk: dos lebn fun Y-.L.Perets [Console my people: the life of Y.L. Perets]. New York, Farlag Perets, 1955. Octavo, black cloth with green lettering over a red cloth spine with gold lettering, 308 pp., b/w photos, bibliography, index. $25.00
Included are images of the front panel of the dust jacket and the front cover as well as the title page. Also included is the rear cover of the dust jacket with some fantastic blurbs. Many Yiddish books were published with dust jackets but they are very uncommon as a rule.

*Shvayd, Mark [Schweid, Mark]. Ale Lider un Poemes. New York, Farlag Peretz, 1951. Octavo, tan cloth with red spine lettering and blind-stamped lettering on the front board, frontispiece photo, 350 pp. Schweid's own selection of his best poetry.      $25.00
Shvayd's portrait.

*Segalovitsh [Segalowicz], Z.[usman]. Itster: Poemen. New York, Farlag CYCO, 1948. Octavo, quarter black cloth with off-white covered cloth covered boards, frontispiece photo, 232 pp.      $20.00
Portrait of Segalovitsh and of the town square of Kazimierz where Segalovitsh grew up. 

*Shtiker, Meyer. Yidishe Landshaft/ Yiddish Landscape. New York, 1958. Octavo, grey cloth covered boards with red cloth spine with gold lettering, 173 pp., b/w drawings by Chaim Gross.  Printed by the Marstin Press, Inc., I. London.      $35.00

*Tabatshnik, A. [Tabachnick, A.]. Der Mentsh in Holem: Di Dikhter fun Meir Shtiker/ Der Mensh in Cholem: The Poetry of Meyer Stiker. New York, Marstin Press, 1962. Octavo, brown paper covered boards with gold lettering, tipped in frontispiece photo, 48 pp.       $20.00
The photo of Tabatshnik appears as a frontispiece.  This volume is well printed but appears to have been a contract publication.

Trunk, Yeshaye [Trunk, Isaiah]. Lodzher geto: a historishe un sotsyologishe shtudye mit dokumentn [The Lodz Ghetto: An Historical and Sociological Study with Documents]. New York, [no publisher is given, but Yad VaShem (Jerusalem) and Yivo (New York) are the academic sponsors of this book; printed by Marstin Press, 1962. Octavo, red cloth, xviii, 528 pp., fold-out map, fold-out table, tables, indexes, foreword by Dr. Jacob Robinson translated into English at the rear. $40.00

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