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Various Dovid Katz related Yiddish titles

Brooklyn born and Yeshiva of Flatbush educated Dovid Katz went on to receive a doctorate in linguistics at Columbia University for his thesis, Explorations in the History of the Semitic Component in Yiddish. Katz founded the Founding Instructor in Yiddish at the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies (OCPHS) [later the Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies]. The Yiddish program was strong and healthy during his residence. He tried to establish a separate Institute for Yiddish but this failed with due to financial issues. 
         During his time at Oxford he published three volumes of Oksforder Yiddish. These were the first major publications of Yiddish scholarly articles in Yiddish published after the Holocaust (excepting the YIVO bleter). Oksforder Yiddish reminds one of the large anthologies of academic articles published by YIVO in Vilna and Berlin before the war. He published works that tried to establish standards for Yiddish language that would create a common spelling, grammar and stylistics. He also published several creative literary works under a pseudonym. All of these works exhibit similar aesthetics in their bindings and typography. Below we offer a number of them. All are currently available at the Hollander Books website.

Estraikh, Gennady. Moskver Purim-shpiln: dertseylungen/ Moscow Purim Plays: Yiddish Short Stories/ Dramau Byrion Idish: Straeon Byrion Idish. Rowen, County Gwynedd, Wales, Three Sisters Press, 1993. Small octavo, decorative paper covered boards, 151 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish. Inscribed by the author to Joseph Mlotek. (83910)      $50.00

Fain, Yonia. Nyu-Yorker Adresn: Dertseylungen/ New York Addresses: Yiddish Short Stories/ Cyfeiriadau Efrog Newydd straeon byrion Idish. Rowen, Wales, Three Sisters Press, 1995. ISBN: 1-874386-05-6. Octavo, silver cloth covered boards with black lettering, 403 pp., b/w drawings by the author. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish (45208)      $50.00

Katz, Dovid, edited by. Oksforder Yidish: A Yearbook of Yiddish Studies I. London, Harwood Academic Publishers in cooperation with the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, 1990. First Edition. ISBN: 3-7186-4979-9. Royal octavo, printed tan boards, 402 pp. Hardbound. Fine. In Yiddish. Articles are "Yiddish in Yiddish," Dovid Katz, "Blitz and Witzenhausen: New Aspects of an Old Conflict," Marion Aptroot, "Yiddish Culture in Prewar Piotrkow (Pyeterkov)," Majer Bogdanski, "Jews in Polish Folklore," Wladyslaw T. Bartoszewski, "Halachic Sources of Old Yiddish Words, " Joseph Bar-El, "On Mendele's Syntax in 'Fishke der krumer,'" Lewis Glinert, "Why do Literary Historians Ignore A.N. Stencl?" Jeffrey Grossman, "On the Origins of Ashkenaz and Yiddish," Shmuel Hiley, "Abraham Sutzkever's 'Ode tsu der toyb,'" Heather Valencia, "The Politics of Researching Spoken Yiddish in the USA and the USSR," Rakhmiel Peltz, "In Honor of Professor Chone Shmeruk," S.S. Prawer, "Older Yiddish Lexicography: Sources and Methods," Dovid Katz, "Watchmaking in Mikhalishek," Menke Katz, "A Conspiracy and a Question Mark," Robert D. King, "Irony in Arthur Schnitzler and Lamed Shapiro," Dafna Clifford, "Beginnings of Modern Literary Yiddish (1771-1798)," Dov-Ber Kerler, "My Teacher Elye Falkovitsh," Joseph Kerler, "Remnants of Yiddish in the German of Schopfloch," Hadassah Shy, "Yiddish Literature and Collective Memory: The Khmelnitski Pogroms," Chone Shmeruk, "In Memorium: Hartog Beem," "In Memorium: Florence Guggenheim-Grunberg," "Seven Letters from Sholem Ash to Moyshe Sanders." (43083)      $125.00

Katz, Dovid. Tikney takanos: fragn fun Yidisher stilistik/ Amended Amendments: Issues in Yiddish Stylistics. Oxford, UK, Oksforder Yidish Press in cooperation with the Oxford Centre for Postgraduate Hebrew Studies, 1993. ISBN: 1-897744-00-5. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards, 354 pp., bibliography, index. Hardbound. Very Good. Text is in Yiddish. Based upon principles established by the author's father, the Yiddish poet, Menke Katz (1906-1991). (45896)      $50.00

Menkes, Heershadovid. Eldra Don: un andere mayses/ Eldra Don: a straon byrion Idish eraill (Eldra Don and other Yiddish short stories). Rowen, Wales, Farlag "Dray shvester", 1992. ISBN: 1-874386-00-5. Small octavo, glossy decorative paper covered boards with matching endpapers, 191 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish. Inscribed by the author on the half-title page. OCLC Number: 30154632. (46498)     $30.00

Meynkes, Hirshe=David [Heershadovid Menkes]. Der Flakher Shpits: Mesiyos fun Vilner Gubernye/ The Flat Peak: Tales of the Province of Vilna/ Y Copa Gwastad: a storiau Idish eraill o Dalaith Filna. Rowen, Wales, Farlag "Dray Shvester", 1993. ISBN: 1-874386-01-3. Octavo, glossy paper covered boards meant to look live marbled paper covered boards, iv, 188 pp. Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish (29876)      $25.00

Klal-takones fun Yidishn oysleyg: loytn heskem fun 752-1992 tsvishn di opteylungen fun Yidisher shprakh un literatur baym Oksforder Universitet, Bar-Ilan Universitet, Vilner Universitet, Tel Aviver Universitet/ Code of Yiddish Spelling ratified by the programmes in Yiddish language and literature at Bar Ilan University, Oxford University, Tel Aviv University, Vilnius University. Oxford, Farlag Oksforder Yidish: Be-shutfes mitn Oksforder Tsenter far hekhere Hebreishe shtudies, 1992. Octavo, black cloth with gold lettering, 55 pp.  Hardbound. Very Good. In Yiddish (36518)      $40.00


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